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  1. Tritium was the radioactive material used in the SUSAT. And they done their job really well (back in the day) the standard iron sight was also good, better then the Iron sight on the m4/m16, but for modern day stick a decent red dot tube sight on there and you can't go wrong.
  2. That's a good plan my man. I don't know if I'm "hardcore" enough for the milsim events. From what I've gathered if you don't have the "right" gear then you can't play!
  3. Coming from a paintball background I love playing big games. 600-1700 players, 2-3 days, festival atmosphere, either 1 or 2 days of little games, socialising, trade expo and partying before a HUGE game on the last day. Is there anything like this in airsoft? I know there's the Zero One national game (or something like that) but are there any others?
  4. Getting myself a tactical turtle neck and going for an archer look.
  5. Jock, Mike and Kayleigh will look after you at black ops at both Cribbs and Portishead (both Skirmish Paintball sites) and the court house in Bristol is a bit of fun but does get old quickly (you also get some right pillocks there, but doesn't everywhere)
  6. Do taiwangun offer two tone options? I can't find it on their website but I may have missed it.
  7. I was in later stages of phase 2 for 12 Squadron air support as a specialist vehicle fitter in 2003 (so in theory I was never a "real" soldier according to the Mod but my boys said otherwise! And I was still taught how to make things go boom!)
  8. I'm in Taunton and don't drive either (sorry) I rely on a friend for lifts to and from. Or train up and stay with friends.
  9. I'm also looking at the Umarex H&K licenced G36c but it looks to me like it's got plastic internals. Can anyone shed any light on that?
  10. 25 Engineers before disbanding. But I was M.D'ed very early in my "career" after falling into a vehicle inspection pit and, for lack of a more detailed explanation, exploded my knees resulting in major knee surgery.
  11. @team flex the I3's are a nightmare to change the lenses on and the I4's are good as long as you've got a small face.
  12. If you get yourself a decent set of paintball goggles then they shouldn't fog, unless they've been messed with. My Vforce Grillz have never let me down on the field either in tournament or big games. But I wouldn't use them for airsoft as you cannot get your cheek down on the stock or use a scope correctly (unless you can adjust and take into account a hell of a parallax adjustment)
  13. Ex army cadet (and proud) also ex army (royal engineer vehicle fitter and even more proud). Currently play paintball (let the flaming begin) and bf4 on ps3. Other then work and waiting for bambino that's my life! How dull :\
  14. Orite guys and gals. New to the forums and relatively new to airsoft. Played a couple of times at Bristol airsoft and a couple of local paintball sites (on airsoft days). Now I've gone and bought myself a WE Baby Hi-Capa (small hands) and love it and am really looking at an SRC G36c.
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