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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Secutor Gladius G17 Co2 + 3 MagsThis is the grey and Gold Edition.Very fun pistol to use as the blowback kick is quite hard hitting due to the Co2 power.Works well in cold and hot weathersAll 3 mags are leak free and stippled on the mag feet. Buyer pays postage if posting is required*


    Norwich - GB

  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    G&G SRL 10" + Attachments and AccessoriesComes with 4x32 Scope which illuminates red-green-blue.6 p-mag styled midcaps holding 150rds each. All feed and fit perfect.2 G&G grip high cap mags holding 450rds each.Keymod rubber rail covers and standard 2mm rail covers.Angled Foregrip2x 11.1v 1300Mah 25C Lipo batteriesThis model SRL comes with built in Mosfet and ETU, holding the trigger down programmes the unti to fire burst instead of auto and vise versa. This also greatly increases trigger response.Upgraded parts:ZCI High Torque MotorFlat Speed TriggerPrommy Purple bucking6.2 inner barrelGold painted parts (mag release, fire selector, chamber plate)Almost approx 350fps, 25rps, fast trigger response, consistent bb accuracy.Can demonstrate with videos the gun working if requested.Buyer pays postage if posting is required* If using Paypsl, buyer covers PayPal fees*


    Norwich - GB

  3. Unfortunately I do not have a solution for you. As I too am having this issue... I have a G&G 418 short with mosfet. I've opted for the Gate Aster and completely pulled the G&G mosfet out. It installed perfectly, no issues at all and was super easy to do. However... like you say the battery, motor and even wires connected to the battery are hot and they only get hotter after use. Although the gate software doeant being up any errors? It's weird. The batteries I use are 11.1v 25C 1300Mah I took the gearbox apart several times now checking resistance, friction, shimming etc and all is fine. Absolutely no issues and gears spin freely. It's also worth noting that I have both the G&G stock motor and a SHS High Torque motor and they both get hot so isnt the motor. I turned motor braking off in the software as I read online that can cause wear and other issues on the motor. Annoyingly though the only way that seems to turn it off is setting motor braking to PWM and setting to 0%. Other than that its "Adaptive" or Manual with PWM...theres no simple "off". So I'm at a loss... tomorrow I'm going to try a 7.4v 25C 1450MaH battery and se show it goes. Unfortunately I will need to use a tamiya/Dean's adapter as the battery is tamiya but the difference shouldn't be noticable. So fingers crossed... I'll reply here with what I find. Hope this helps.
  4. Sinato

    WE G17 + 2 Mags

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Selling my WE G17 with 2 gas mags. it's always been my secondary pistol, fires fine but for some reason the first few shots from a clean mag the slide sticks but then is fine, each round comes out fine when it does this but quite odd. Perhaps someone who understands the mechanics more can stop it sticking but I have no need to as it always fires ok and I got used to it. Comes with 2 gas mags that have no leaks, only ever used green gas with them. 300fps quite consistently with decent accuracy and distance using .20s £50 - includes postage (if no more than £8) If posting buyer pays delivery costs.


    Norwich - GB

  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    So i'm selling my beloved Raider. Comes with everything attached to the gun, ris rails, torch (has strobe effect too as well as focus adjustment for wider or sharp beam) Eotech red not with brightness adjustment, wind + elevation adjustment and can be either red or green dot. 3x flip magnifier 5 mags all painted to match the custom paintjob (2 mid caps and 3 high caps) No internals have been changed, works just as good as it did the day it was bought, always looked after. (bought less than 1 year ago). The only thing it does need is a better fuse, the original had finally blown and the only one I had was a little under spec than the original, they cost a few pence but i never bothered to buy a specific fuse for the gun as i got a new gun at the time. Fires VERY well and consistently just under 350fps, accuracy and hop work well as it has had many praise by those that have used it. It's always been a backup gun since i got a newer gun (this was a primary at one point) so often just lent out to friends and they all love it. £150ono Sensible offers only as it does come with several attachments and extras. If posting buyer pays cost of delivery


    Norwich - GB

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