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  1. Mixed one from me regarding Airsoft World: Normally buy almost all my guns/parts from Airsoft World all without incident, apart from my last order. Purchased a TM DEAGLE from them 28/11, received on the 30/11. Opened the package to find the 10inch version. Rang them up the next day, and was being emailed a UPS label to send the item back for a straight swap as someone in the warehouse packaged up the wrong version. Not a problem, mistakes happen. Received the returns label on the 3/12 Sent the item back on the 7/12 due to the weekend. Tracked the Parcel to find it was signed for on the 12/12, rang them back up and was told they received it but the person dealing with my RMA returns? was not in today and would deal with it the next day 13/12. Called back up today, firstly was told they had not received it until i told them to check the tracking number. Was then told sorry but the standard version was out of stock (even tho i was told a straight swap would be no problem and they would keep one put aside for me). Issued a ticket refund, not even for the full amount. Was docked £3.00 for what i presume was a re-stocking fee for the gun sent back?. To be honest it sounded that they couldn't be bothered on the phone, no offer of a different pistol/gun. I may have been tempted to part with some more cash for another model. Even overheard them talking about whom sold the one i sent back! which is the reason they couldn't find it until it was tracked. Shall be going elsewhere from now on..
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