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  1. pierce09

    Take a quiet moment to think .

    I'll be at my local cenotaph as well with 7 other members of my family still serving or retired including my Grandfather and my father which I'm looking forward to. I don't think I could ever do anything other than a service on Remembrance Day.
  2. pierce09

    Take a quiet moment to think .

    So I've never been to a skirmish or weekend event in the UK over Remembrance Day. Is there a minute's silence observed or anything like that? I did a 60 hour milsim event over Memorial weekend a few years back and the yanks don't do anything for that day like we do for Nov 11th. I did however sit down in the evening with quite a few other serving and former servicemen and spin dits whilst smashing back a few tots of whatever was passed in front of me. That was extremely meaningful on a personal level.
  3. pierce09

    Take a quiet moment to think .

    I don't usually admit to still serving whilst playing airsoft. Some former and current service folk think it automatically makes them better at airsoft or that because they used a real rifle they are qualified to talk anything airsoft related. Some however, are absolute legends and enhance every event I've been to. from an ex SFSG buddy who comes along to events for a good laugh to watching a US Ranger teach a couple of doe-eyed kids how his unit in particular were taught to transition from rifle to pistol without billy big timing it, always makes me appreciate the positive links that can be utilised between military service and this hobby.
  4. pierce09

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Met him in Afghan in 07. Called him McFadden for a laugh. Called me a twat back. Happy days.
  5. pierce09

    Overshooting kids this weekend

    2 years? with who? Salvation Army doesn't count..... i stumbled into a speedsofter's wet dream in California a few years ago. Hollywood sports Park Paintball and Airsoft. Worst day of my hobby.
  6. pierce09

    Overshooting kids this weekend

    **joins forum, first post is a pic of a HPA'd M4, titles post "overshooting kids", references RPS as a good thing. How did anyone not realise this is a poor attempt to troll?
  7. pierce09

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    probably not. I'm at the Gaol this weekend for a Charity event, the following weekend i have Cadbury World for the kids' birthday then NFL London the following weekend so pretty busy already. i'll aim to be there in November next i think. but iof anything changes, i'll defintely come!
  8. pierce09

    Plate carrier in the gym!

    seen quite a few cross fitters wearing them. not sure i'd be seen running around with a plate carrier on these days outside of Helmand! my knees are f**ked as it is from the first few times!!
  9. Took a while but finally got out to play again. Back to FFZ Urban Assault at RAF Upwood, Cambs. Not a bad day and I love the site. I would love to have a 'no rentals, walk on only' day here. I think the place has a bad rep for hit calling and although I'm not so competitive or bothered that it ruined a day out, I'm almost certain that by removing the 'stag do' groups from here for a day, it would show that the regular players are actually a sporting bunch. I had a first timer come along with me as well this weekend. He's been mad keen to try it since he found my RIFs in my back room and he was like a kid in a tuck shop when we got to the site! I think I enjoyed it that little bit more as he was enthralled by it all. I'm taking him to the charity day event up at the Gaol this weekend as well. I'm pretty sure he'll love that even more.
  10. pierce09

    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    loadout for a day at FFZ Urban Assault this weekend just gone. Forgot the knee pads and had to go fetch them from the car after an hour of kneeling on rocks.
  11. pierce09

    Gun picture thread

    All through JTAC Custom. John there has all the details
  12. pierce09

    Gun picture thread

    KWA VM4A1 in an L119A2 configuration. Need a few more minor details tweaking yet.
  13. I'll be there 29th with a buddy. What side do people usually sign on to?
  14. pierce09

    Urban Assault - 15th September

    i can't make the 15th sadly but i'll be there a fortnight later.
  15. pierce09

    AEG with Recoil

    Yep. both the original 30/60 PTS PMags and the newer 30/120 KWA mags have the mag cut off feature. Having owned a TMRS, 2 BOLT B4 M4A1s and 2 KWA PTS ERG M4s, I can say although they each have their good points, I've preferred my KWA ERGs by a mile. The TM is awesome but I find the KWA PTS ERG is just so solid and reliable. The BOLT was nice and had a cheeky little kick to it but never felt substantial enough although I used one for about 3 years stock without issue before it died (stripped gears). I currently use another ERG Block 2 that is awesome if a little heavy with the DD rail and an Elcan on it.