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    A few. AOR1 and 2, MC, black kit, USMC 2015 impression.
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  1. pierce09

    AEG with Recoil

    Yep. both the original 30/60 PTS PMags and the newer 30/120 KWA mags have the mag cut off feature. Having owned a TMRS, 2 BOLT B4 M4A1s and 2 KWA PTS ERG M4s, I can say although they each have their good points, I've preferred my KWA ERGs by a mile. The TM is awesome but I find the KWA PTS ERG is just so solid and reliable. The BOLT was nice and had a cheeky little kick to it but never felt substantial enough although I used one for about 3 years stock without issue before it died (stripped gears). I currently use another ERG Block 2 that is awesome if a little heavy with the DD rail and an Elcan on it.
  2. pierce09

    Gun picture thread

    I'm on my second RM4. love them and they are solid. John at JTAC is great for info and parts.
  3. Personally, I was stuck with Osprey and a Mk7 helmet but I was attached to line infantry. Colleagues attached to SF units were issued Paraclete stuff or bought Kandahar shit so as to blend in to the units they worked with. If I'm honest, it never even entered my mind I could buy a plate carrier at that time. I just put up with the shitty pouches, the horrendous fit and the chaffing everywhere.
  4. I was a Cpl on my last tour to Afghan. Most guys bought boots and cold weather gear. My 2007 tour, a few guys bought Kandahar plate carriers if they were on mobility teams. getting in and out of a vehicle in that first iteration of Osprey was fucking horrendous. By 2010, it was claimed that if you weren't wearing Osprey, your PAX life insurance wouldn't cover you if you got injured. Probably some bull to scare young lads into keeping issued kit on. Mk4 Osprey wasn't quite as bad as the earlier stuff but its never been massively popular afaik. i certainly never liked any of it.
  5. I bought quite a few things on my last tour as the issued stuff wasn't great. most guys bought their own boots and cold weather kit. i bought boots, gloves, day sack and a few smaller items. spent a fortune.
  6. pierce09

    Loadouts - what and why?

    I enjoy researching and building impression kits as much as airsofting. Personally, so long as someone is happy with what they wear and use whilst playing, I'm not bothered whether it's full Crye and Patagonia kit or shorts, t-shirt and beenie. I don't think people 'prefer' US military kit but after DPM and MTP, it's pretty easy to obtain. It's also readily ID'd from movies so some airsofters like the kit setup and clothing of characters from SEAL Team, SIX, Black Hawk Down, Zero Dark Thirty, Lone Survivor etc. Good UK kit? as in an impression or just good British made kit?
  7. Always carefully chose which side of the careers office you visit. You can either dig in or check in!
  8. pierce09

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I’ve gone nuts and bout quite a few bits this last month. AVS plate bags, 3 band cummerbund and Molle flap. Harness come next month. 6094 in AOR1 and a repro ops core maritime in AOR1.
  9. pierce09

    Realistic/Suitable loadout in your opinion?

    The orange tip is only for sales from a store or dealer. after that, there are no laws on requiring colour sections of an airsoft gun. they don't even call them 'firearms' as they are toys. and as for your loadout, play in whatever works for you. Getting into impressions for a kit is expensive and time consuming when done correctly. The UK is actually one of the easiest places to get cheap multicam style kit in surplus MTP.
  10. Managed to go all of last night without buying anything. 

    Aaaaaaand 20 minutes into tonight's shift and I've already clicked 'buy' on three items....

    1. L3wisD


      Well, you can't tell us that and not let us know what it was.

      For shame...

  11. pierce09

    Genuine Magpul MOE Stock

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
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    FS 1x black Magpul MOE stock. Taken off my RM4 and in excellent condition. £22.50 shipped through PayPal.


  12. pierce09

    UKSF? What kit is this?

    trousers are Fjallraven
  13. I've got a VFC GB and receiver'd MK18 Mod1 that I've built over the last few months. The gearbox is from my old VFC 416 that I purchased in the US so it'll need a lower spring in it to get it under 325/330 fps with .20s. Does anyone have any recommendations for a tech in the Cambridge/Huntingdon area that could change out the spring and get the rifle firing like a dream?
  14. pierce09

    Ruger Mini 14

    you're only allowed to build one and use it if you are planning to have the same hit ratio as the A-team........
  15. night shift again. let's see what i can buy just because I'm bored....

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    2. pierce09


      this week so far i have bought;


      KSC Glock 19 

      FDE MOE stock for my Block 2

      Surefire X300U repro for my G19

      5 patches

      an AOR1 6094K

      Crye RG G3 trousers


      and i've still got another 2 night shifts to do..... :(

    3. reuyz


      would you be interested in my 330 FPS Classic Army HK33 assullt riffle AEG with max range of 42m?

    4. pierce09


      erm, no thanks!