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    KWA RM4 Block 2
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    A few. AOR1 and 2, MC, black kit, USMC 2015 impression.
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  1. might have overdone the arms, chest and shoulders day. :blink: 

    1. Duff


      I'd give you a medal but you probably can't lift it by now!?

    2. pierce09


      I’ve already got enough but thanks! 😂

  2. Sorry I couldn’t make it. Absolutely gutted as I’ve been excited to finally get some pew pew but family had other ideas 😩 i WILL be there 28th. Or I’m selling the kids.
  3. Nope, work and family have hindered me getting near a chrono sadly. Fingers crossed the spring change has worked!
  4. pierce09

    Airsoft Events Uk Directory

    https://www.stirlingairsoft.com/ http://www.airborne-airsoft.co.uk/battledays/ just the first two events promoters I could find straight off.
  5. pierce09

    Airsoft Events Uk Directory

    or even do a seperate map for larger multi-day milsim events? just an idea as i get asked a lot about what milsim events are on and when/where etc
  6. pierce09

    Airsoft Events Uk Directory

    another possible idea is to add any multi day milsim type events in a different colour to differentiate them from regular skirmish days. you could even take it further and have colour coded events for CQB/woodland events.
  7. I'd prefer to bring the pain (or some other cheesy line) and will do. i'll be in a grey Focus
  8. I'll be there on the 14th as well. Can. Not. Wait. Just hope the new spring in my rifle keeps it within AEG limits there.
  9. pierce09

    New here

  10. pierce09

    Kryptek Patterns in the Wild

    Not sure airsoft has always been about viable options! It's partly a fashion show I thought?!?!
  11. anyone here actually use and like Kryptek? I've not seen many pictures of it in the wild but I found this at work, 10th SFG on Arctic training in Sweden Feb/Mar 18. As much as I hate Kryptek patterns, this looks quite nice.
  12. pierce09


    welcome/welcome back!
  13. the rig you mention sounds like something similar to an LBT 1961 or Eagle MPCR. you can find repros of both of these. I know Flyye does a repro 1961 and so does Semapo and they are available in several patterns as well.
  14. pierce09

    One armed loadout

    I want to see in due course, a pic of you with MP5 'calling your hit' with a Carl Weathers/Predator one arm roar and mag dump!
  15. 2 weeks until Urban Assault. Cannot wait!