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    ASP/CYMA SVU - You can pick these up in the sales for around £170 This can be used as a very good base for a cheap and different beginner DMR. It is essentially a direct copy internally of the Real Sword SVD. It includes a Torque Neo Motor, Very long brass inner barrel, Full metal Gearbox, Most of the externals are metal though quite thin in places, Very good hop unit design. It certainly looks the part and it comes with full auto if you desire using it as an AR. There are now two versions, the classic Bipod DMR style and the new Tan and/or black Mlok railed one...
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    worked on several big productions and read a bit of the firearms legislation. afaik you cant have airsofters tuen up with their own weapons its more you must have an armoury and armourer to secure and make sure noting happens with the replicas and such. and locals have to be warned and screening from general public. however a note was raised there that could be worthwhile... get an airsoft site on board, film it there and see if you can give them publicity or some such probably have to fire cash their way but likely works cheaper than an alternative. as for camo, might be worth taking a more generic...
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    Shh dont tell my secrets to the wife FFS!
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    You won't have a problem ordering from the EU. The transition period means business as normal until December unless a trade agreement will be agreed before then (Which it wont)
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    Batteries, mags, foregrip, optic (not listed as included). None of which explains why it's £160 more than a brand new one. William, please understand that the retail price isn't what you paid for it, or the highest price that you can find. It's the lowest current price, which is indeed ~£210. And that's new. Used, you can knock a third off of that. That's if you actually want to sell it. If you don't, that's good too. Lots of folk list stuff that they don't really want to part with.
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    It's nothing person, we get these approaches from time to time, but most of them seem to fizzle out. Destroy our cynicism with positivity. Something you could try is approaching https://www.bunker-51.com/ in Greenwich to see if they'll put up a poster or some leaflets, and/or try their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Bunker51/
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    I would caution those volunteers that that you would be potentially portraying the British Army as fascists (or eqivilent of Nazis), and that is something I would not be comfortable with. A film portraying prejudice with predjudice; makes me think of left-wing propaganda.
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    Bought me some Crye kneepads as I misplaces my other ones, incredibly happy with them! Also bought 4x Warrior Assault Systems 7.62 pouches to accommodate my SCAR mags & also a Nuprol hard case & Magpul MS1 sling, for said SCAR. Lastly, bought some Revision Sawfly glasses, thought I'd give those a go. Only got a picture of the pads at the moment, but loving the purchases! Not sure if I should have the pouches on my belt or invest in another chest rig, will have to see.
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    Hi guys, I am brand new to the airsoft scene but I like the look of it. I am an ex Green Howard/Yorkshire regt soldier (Left in 97) and I was initially trained on the L1A1 SLR and then on the first SA80 A1. So based on that, I have managed to get hold of an AEG Army Armaments R85 A2. I want to change the metal front to the green plastic type, can you buy them separate and how much would one cost? I also want a couple of more mags but want the type that are black and look like the original type, anyone any ideas? At some...
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    On the site, it came up in US dollars!? Assumed it was.... thanks for the heads up @Philby21! 😎👍 💷GAMBLE💷
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    It will cost you....two options.... double the profit.... I need to fund my hobby! 😎💷 No problem, let me get the links.... 😂😜 Here’s the US option? (I haven’t bought anything from them, might do?) http://www.bunnyworkshop.com.hk/ Here’s the Europe option? (I’ve mentioned this in places to buy category, with my review, if you buy from them add a review to the topic?) https://www.proairsoft.com/?lang=en There’s probably other places? 🤔 Hope this helps and make sure to put up some pics and your opinion, as you may get one before me? 👍 💷GAMBLE💷
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    TM AUG High Cycle

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    Selling this for a buddy: ”Excellent little RIF with superb rate of fire, less than a month old, just not suited to my (his) playing style (hiding at the back)” 5 JG Hi-cap mags plus original TM Price inc postage and PayPal fees


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    THE TM MWS thread

    Well after reading this topic and wanting a gbb rifle you guys did it and make me buy one for myself... Thanks🤣
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    Oh that is spot on the mark 😂 "Christ knows why that gun hasn't sold yet love. £1200 is a steal for that!"
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    THE TM MWS thread

    it´s mil spec
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    I did run two Mac 11's where were fun. I reversed a leg holster, and went on many killing sprees.You have to learn mag changes or I tend to dump them and pick them up later. Spent more time loading the safe zone then firing, but the fun element made it well worth it for all to see.
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    Consider my Akimbo Loadout! 🔫😜🔫 Now to do my Recon: 🤔 Sellers. Prices. Accessories. Most importantly and lastly get the budget sorted, before starting.... 💷🤞😂 💷GAMBLE💷
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    My first buy!

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    As it happens, the Met have produced guidelines for filming with firearms, including airsoft, which I'm sure the OP is following: https://www.met.police.uk/advice/advice-and-information/f/af/filming/guidelines-for-filming/ I agree that it's a very good idea to comply with their guidelines, but I do take issue with their use of the word "must", which implies a legal obligation. On recent evidence, if you try and do it on the sly, you're most likely to receive some very grumpy Words of Advice, and be in the market for some new underwear. https://www.islingtongazette.co.uk/news/police-detain-london-screen-academy-students-at-gunpoint-1-6359423 Again for emphasis: I am not recommending that anyone take part in public filming unless the director can show that they've squared it with the...
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    Moderator Comment Both topics merged, duplication with different titles.
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    I have bought stuff from Dave's with no problems.
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    Speedsoft Builder Wanted!

    my favourite pass time. No socks but I hope my mask "ruins their immersion"
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    My first buy!

    Nothing wrong with an AUG.
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    Omg I feel like a right t*&t now 🙄. Never knew Google could translate whole pages . Thanks guys , camera ordered .
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    Just realised the one you have pictured isn’t the GC16, it’s the CM16 version (polymer body) and is actually £210 new! 😂😂
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    wait, is he supplying his own evidence that you can get the gun brand new for less than his asking price?
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    Ah shit.....
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    G&G wild hog

    No it isn’t, and even if it was, it’s only worth 60% of that when it’s secondhand
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    Apologies. There was a similar thread a few months ago.
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    A couple of my mates work in the film industry and the amount of red tape in order to have RIFs - in public - is insane, and especially considering tensions/etc. in London considering all the attacks, I'd strongly recommend you plan *now* to simply not have weaponry or maybe even uniforms in the public eye at all - i.e. restrict that stuff to indoors, away from prominent windows etc.
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    That's not the case because we would use these guys only the days we would need them. Of course there would be some time needed for set up but we're not trying to waste anyone's time. On the other hand, you're actually right - that's how film making usually is. I occasionally work as an extra on actual big budget productions and man, how many hours I've spent there just sitting and waiting. That'd be great! I'll message you about the details later. The film should be more of a lesson or a warning. Just think of it as an alternate future that does not (hopefully happen). If you've seen...
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    Eh. It's a reasonable enough request, and not over-promising. I get the reservations about the politics, but 1) it's fiction and 2) we play dress up. And it is interesting to see the grind required to produce 8 minutes of magic. Once.
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    Half the reason I got my Aug was to be a little bit different, so this thread has gone right up my flagpole 👍 Be keeping an eye on this for interesting ideas!
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    I think it’s safe to assume, as this is an airsoft forum, we’re talking airsoft lol
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    Other Hobbies

    I like to draw and paint. I used to have others till I had kids. I still get out on my skateboard but only to get about nowerdays, still nice though.
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    Dave is a top bloke, if you took the time to look at the trusted traiders section
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    I'm not entirely sure what I just read. If you're on medication I think you're not taking enough of it. Or maybe too much.
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    New CQB Site in Kent

    Yeah I was putting things together in the background. On top of sorting the marshal side I was sorting the speedsoft/tactical event he wanted. I had someone set up to come in and professionally film it. Then I started to get the info that the financial situation was all wrong and the site couldn't be covered. While I was trying to find out about this Seth carried on with his mouth telling people he could put on events involving rappelling and simulated explosive entry. It was just more lies and after I did my best to squash it and he carried on and wouldn't stop I walked away as not...
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    New CQB Site in Kent

    I bitched about Seth and guess what I was right he couldn't run a site. Redhill was bust before it started. He ran the first game with no insurance, risk assessments or first aid on site. He only got the use of the site because he lied. He lied about the income potential in a big way he lied about having contacts he didn't have. Everything was based on bullshit. The games you played were ran better but not by Seth but because he had a head marshal doing all the work. A head marshal who was there because I set it up. You had insurance because I pushed the...
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    THE TM MWS thread

    Troy M7A1 PDW mostly complete. G&P Troy PDW stock Madbull Troy TRX 7” rail 5KU 7” outer barrel Laylax Nineball 162.5mm inner barrel 6.03 Everything else stock apart from the biro mod. Will lift a .45 Bb to 70m Just got to get a red dot and different flash hider, and keep my eyes peeled for a Dytac 7.5” silver barrel
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    THE TM MWS thread

    I forsee so many stoppages! I've not fielded my MWS in ages, it's almost like I'm afraid to. I just full auto mag dumped it at home, and I'm now reminded of why I MUST field it at the next available opportunity.
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    New CQB Site in Kent

    How about these rules Age: 13+, under 18s must wear full face and have waiver signed by guardian. BBs: Any weight and any type is allowed Eyepro: Mesh is allowed but the site has the right to refuse any eyepro it deems unsafe for use on the day. Spare hire masks available on site. Fire rules: Semi Auto indoors, full auto outdoors Full auto kept to short bursts. BFGs: Must stay below waist height and same level use only. No blind releasing. Any player deemed to be using them in an unsafe manner will be asked to put it away for the remainder of the day. Smoke grenades: Outdoor use...
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