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    Hey guys, just brought my first RIF today, it's a cliche but as first guns go I know it's a great foundation to start. Soon to come are a suppressor, red dot of some description and a foregrip, but I can't stop holding it (or the gun!) Also in pic is my mates PKM, not been used on the field yet but hoping to very shortly.
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    but we have our own dead discord
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    Finally got a photo in game using my VSR.
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    AUG Paint job

    Recently picked up a JG AUG A1. Typically I actually like the olive green that all the A1s are, however this one came in black for some reason or another, when I asked the shop apparently JG have changed their manufacturing spec 🤷‍♂️. Anyway I didn't want another black gun kicking around so thought I'd do something a bit different and gave it a flat grey colour. Added a cog from gears of War because why not? I know the cog has a bit of overspray and a bit messy but considering it's meant to be a blood spray anyway it kind of fits. (that's what I'm telling myself, let...
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    Trying to make a small site

    Don’t be too sure that it’s “not illegal” if there are no signs. At the very minimum to gain entry the access would have to be open, and you must do no damage. By playing airsoft you will be leaving evidence of your presence unless you pickup every BB. If it is ‘public property’ then you are able to access it - but cannot shoot in a public place If it is ‘private property’ then the firing of air weapons is a firearms offence without the landowners permission, and the projectiles are not permitted to cross a boundary - without the next landowners permission. Despite not being a licencable firearm...
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    I have the M32H set and on the whole they're good. Microphone has no issues for me, quality overall is pretty good for what you're paying (let's face it they're not Comtacs but then they're not Comtac money either). The one thing to look out for if you want to use them with comms is that they use a "proper" PTT connection so you can't use the Z-Tactical PTTs, you need either the Earmor ones or a genuine RS one (unless you know the wiring and are handy with a soldering iron). The one thing I would say is that if you plan on swapping them about between a headband...
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    Went and had some fun sneaking around
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    I borrow a friend's ssg24 today and I have to admit... it is pretty fun outranging someone who is shooting back at you 70m away
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    You're not made of toilet rolls, you can survive a bit of rain
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    I didn't see the BZtac new pricing, the websites I checked for current new prices were around the £430-£460 mark (Weekendwarrior airsoft, Bullseye, Bespoke etc etc). I bought the gun for £440 new from J-Tac Custom. Add the extra mags and sling, that was coming out around £500 new for the whole lot based on what I paid and the prices I found, so my original £400 asking (always negotiable) seemed about right. Have amended asking price down a bit in light of the Bz pricing. Genuinely wasn't trying to rip anyone off that liked the gun, I have also dropped my asking on the other places the gun is...
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    New CQB Site in Kent

    Hey all. Sorry I havent posted any updates. We have come to an agreement with the building owners and are now working with the council. We will have the building for 1 year and will need to run games weekly (Night games and Weekends). After one year we can choose to extend it another year. We can now also offer private games for 10+ people only any night too :). As soon as the council get back to us regarding a few parking issues and business rates we will make the reveal. Hopefully before the 18th of Jan and then looking at hosting a small game on the 1st of...
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    Hello people Me and a couple of friends have created a discord server for airsofters in or around suffolk We would love input from others so please feel free to join via the link below The server isnt 100% complete and will always have upcoming minor changes and your input is needed Its kind of like using this forum but with the server we created you can jump into voice chats with airsoft techies (once enough join) , share your loadouts , lots of different options available on the server Join Here https://discord.gg/SMGTSfM
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    Name this pistol

    Hug him and squeeze him and call him George
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    Custom paint work

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    Please help - locking a DMR to semi-auto

    Modifying the selector plate is the only “proper” way
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    Please help - locking a DMR to semi-auto

    An FCU isn't a mechanical lock though. Needs to be irreversible (without taking the whole gun apart).
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    Bought an ICS C15. It's old tech but tbh less to go wrong and they had a reputation of being rather good when they were new. I want it for an a280 or DLT20 type build. Probably more DLT20 as I can hide a conventional tracer unit inside the m1919 style barrel. I wish I'd not started watching the mandalorian now
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    Just trim a bit off the selector plate. No ugly irreversible external modifications, gun won't go into full auto, no problem. A better solution is a programmable FCU, especially because there will be times you want to be able to go into full-auto (e.g. to resolve a semi-auto lockup, which is even more common in guns with strong springs, like DMRs). If you don't already have at least a MOSFET, which you absolutely must, now is a good time to fit one that can be programmed to have semi-auto only in any fire selector position.
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    File down a tiny (1mm by 1mm) square on the selector plate AND jb weld/screw a bolt in the receiver. Luke (Negative Airsoft) has a couple of videos on locking guns to semi, check his work on Youtube
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    Fax & Postal address?
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    P99 pistol can't shoot!

    Send it back. They are more of a toy than a serious gun. I know the original is TM but there are also clones which I can imagine the QC is terrible. So depending what you have I would say. If you just want something to dick about with the tm version is fine and the clone isn't worth owning, and if the tm is out your budget you're better with a springer pistol. If you want something to skirmish go back to the drawing board and save some more money.
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    ^ Thanks! That's good info. The Howard Leight Impact Sport seems good for the money. A built-in mic would be ideal, but I might consider these with a speaker mic as you suggest (I run a Midland G18 instead of Baofeng, but it's a very similar set up). Ditto, I have looked at Comtac/Sordin but the cost of required accessories (mic and PTT) starts to add up quickly 💰 ...not that I mind spending on good quality gear. I often subscribe to the "buy once, cry once" philosophy. But I'm a bit loathe to spend £300 (or double that) all-in for comms headgear, when I could pick up a new...
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    Been a similar boat to you. Got a pair of z tac sordins - they are pretty good as ear pro (more then enough for 9mm,not sure i'd use them for a day of clay pigeon though!) but they leave alot to be desired generally - though i concede my issues with comms could be PTT related too. If you want a boom mic at that price point they are probably your best bet, certainly better then z-tac. The other solution (which isnt quite what you're looking for, sorry) is the howard leights impact sport with a 3.5mm going into a baofeng speaker mic. You have to talk into the...
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    There is a video on YouTube explaining installation. It can be a bit of a bitch to get right, but once it’s done it works really well and stays in place.
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    Uncle Pauly

    Trying to make a small site

    Honestly, this sounds like a terrible idea and the sort of thing that results in armed Police turning up and airsoft getting a shitload of bad press. Either that or it's the script from an episode of Casualty... and numerous other reasons why you should never trespass in abandoned buildings carrying imitation firearms. It does however sound that there's an opportunity to potentially turn some of those disused sites into skirmish venues, but you'd need to do so via the proper channels (which would involve setting up a legal entity capable of being liability for people's safety).
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    Opinions on the WE GBB L85A2?

    On the other hand its quite easy and cheap to get parts for WE gbbr's. RA-TECH also make quite a few upgraded parts for WE M4's and G36's Have a look for L85 parts and see how well its supported.
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    Silverback SRS Thread

    Baby had her first run out yesterday. Was difficult to get a zero as there was a very sporadic crosswind, even when turning 90 degrees it seemed to whip around the woods but I get it more or less there. Love how easy hop adjustment is on the FAST. Mag changes weren't as bad as I feared. Shoulder ached at the end of the day where the butt plate sits. Set up to shoot 0.43's I chrono'd with 0.2's as per site rules and came in at 452FPS, that's using a sport stock barrel, full seal and M150 spring.
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    Rains stops play, damn it!

    Woke up Sunday AM to the rain hammering down. Drove to site and rain stopped, got gun out and went to start zeroeing in and chrono and the heavens opened. By 11AM all was sunny and bright.
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    Opinions on the WE GBB L85A2?

    WE gas rifles are a bit of a hit and miss. Some are known to have reliability issues. Its annoying that WE are the only company making the gbb l85. If its for skirmishing, get a TM. If it's for collecting, go ahead. But just be aware if loading nozzle issues and leaky mags.
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    Rains stops play, damn it!

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    Specna Arms G36 SA-G13 review.

    No problem! Yeah, the hop up situation isn't the best; I tried adapting a Lonex one for my S&T G36, but it wasn't terribly successful. I'd definitely recommend getting a secondhand TM or a JG if you want to upgrade it. The only aftermarket hop I've found specifically for Ares etc is this one: https://www.evike.com/products/81085/ But unfortunately it's out of stock. Edit: Upon looking again, I'm not even sure if this would work.
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    Perfect example of people's stupidity. Fancy useless aftermarket hop chamber but kept the shit stock cylinder. The rough bolt pull happens because of the AS01 45° sear and the utter shit brass cylinder. One small free thing you can do is to get rid of the cocking indicator. More useless than that fancy AA hop chamber your mate spend way too much on, it grinds against the cylinder side and, to be fair, nobody cares about a visual indicator that your cock is gunned.
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    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    For the SRS I use the ones from skirmshop. 2 mags and one in the gun. For the hicapa I have just changed from good old issue mtp pouches to some elasticated blue force gear double mag pouch. For the good old grenade it’s either a kydex TRMR holster from HW holsters or if I’m using my timed dynatex it’s a PECOC issued smoke grenade pouch. Hicapa with RMR sits in a cheap nuprol paddle holster. The utility pouch is just a viper one but it only carries a small bag of bbs and two speed loaders for each gun and some blanks. Can post a picture later if your...
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    Trying to make a small site

    Very bad idea.
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    Trying to make a small site

    You’re right its a very bad idea .
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    Advice for scammers: use grammatically correct English
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    New CQB Site in Kent

    Yep, truth!
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    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    Selling this as I rarely use it now and I primarily used as a back up but my gun collection is getting to big, it comes with the red/green dot sight, suppressor, front grip, mussle flash hider, battery and magazine with matching paint job the bag is also included in the sale. The gun when last used was shooting between 270-290 fps if memory serves me right. Postage is extra to the price of the gun. And also must hold valid licence to buy it.


    - GB

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    THE TM MWS thread

    Play style is everything with these. I probably don’t go through 600BB’s at Anzio over 8 hours. However... I’d say my hit rate % is much higher for what I carry. If I see someone at distance, I decide if I think I can hit them, and take a couple of shots. If I can’t hit them in 3-4 shots then there’s no point firing anymore, so I reposition or just move on. Its much more satisfying getting a kill with a GBBR.
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    Trying to make a small site

    hey guys this is probably a bad idea ive been airsofting for 3 years now and i have spotted alot of abandoned warehouses and train stations etc near where i live in derby and im thinking of maybe getting a group together and trying to play a few games it wouldnt be offical but it would be just a bit of fun and you wouldnt have to go out your way to pay and if you live nearby you can always have a bit of fun instead of traveling to go to better sites since its cqb and there is a abandoned mental asylum near me so a bit spooky...
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