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    If its anything like his rifle and pistol, first numbers will be good then quality control will drop quicker than Bill Clinton trousers for an intern.
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    It’s likely to be the STTi mk23 with his own versions of the Hadron upgrades, with a markup. The more experience I gain in Airsoft and products, the more I avoid his like the plague.
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    Being a TM changing the hop rubber is downgrading imo
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    The annoying thing about this is out of all of the Airsoft snipers, he’s about the only one who doesn’t use a mk23. Every video I’ve seen has been a G18c, so he’s not even selling the ‘buy the gun I use and be just like me’ package. People will flock to it because people are stupid, but picking up a clone mk23 and £35 in parts can give the gun huge performance in less than half an hour with a screwdriver.
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    I deleted the thread. I'm dubious of it all but as admin I have to be open minded. The saltyness was a good reason to delete it. Although it was agreed I was a little quick on the trigger. Next time it comes up which it inevitably will comments will be monitored. As long as comments are polite, well constructed and use facts if we are to criticize they will be left. My personal opinion I don't think he needs or deserves our help.
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    Gun picture thread

    Updated pics of my Predator. Wanting some better fitting rail covers but still looking for some green ones. Now with suppressor and 552 replica
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    Hey guys would like to sell or swap my rifle has been skirmished but runs flawlessly and rapid and has a awesome trigger response on a 11.1v lipo everything you see in the pictures is included list is below and what I would like to swap for Open to swaps offers I’m after GBBs please Included with this package Nuprol M4 delta Sopmod wired to deans boxed Brand new 11.1v vapex battery 7mags 6 are mid caps Carry handle rail adapter Rubber rail covers Silencer T1 Red dot 2 spare inner barrels 1 is a guarder 6.02 that would extend into the silencer Postage is included in price or open to gbb offers


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    Plz Help

    0.28g BBs. Clean the barrel. Play.
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    Painting Question

    Bright pink is a VCRA IF colour (Noting that every colour is meant to be ‘bright ____’) https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-violent-crime-reduction-act-2006-commencement-no-3-order-2007-firearms-measures https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2006/38/section/38 https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2006/38/section/39
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    Plz Help

    None, just use it
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    Novritsch ssp1 should i buy it?

    "Sell me 50 and then I'll order 500." Makes 100 and sends the best 50. "They're brilliant, now sent me 500." Makes 450 out of cheaper materials and sends the lot along with the worst 50 from the first batch.
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    Gun picture thread

    Made some pearlescent grips for my Colt Junior.
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    What the Police are taught...

    Thought this might be handy. Both these pictures are taken from the police student handbook. It appears that that some of what they are taught is different to what we have interpreted. (Mainly gifting of a RIF, recipient must be at least 17....)
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    Novritsch ssp1 should i buy it?

    And that's airsoft metres. Anywhere outside of spitting distance = must have been a 100m shot, my RIF is best RIF. Point blank shot = nah, that was 30m, I can tell On which sidearm is best sidearm, MP5K is best sidearm. 300fps+, full auto, 100 round mid caps: kind of serious.
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    Plz Help

    Outdoor will be ok, not the best but perfectly usable. Barrel length does not = range.
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    Custom paint work

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    JG Bar-10 G-Spec custom build diary

    Ouch! Yeah masks are annoying, especially when aiming (I've found the soft side masks are best for it) but I'd rather keep my teeth! RIFT keep a running tally, they're up to something like 16 teeth knocked out.
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    ok, that sounds good. although I have never actually been to a ucap game before, the site and style is what is appealing to me... that and the fact that it is only a few miles away.
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    Got absolutely hammered at Proving Grounds yesterday, still a good day though. Sonofsammo I do believe I saw you rocking your SRS (non bands) probably shot me a good few times!!!
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    Novritsch ssp1 should i buy it?

    Having seen the FPS consistency, not a chance. Get something TM with the 15mm piston like the HK45. Will run all year long and be consistent/accurate
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    Novritsch ssp1 should i buy it?

    €135 euro... roughly £120? (You have taxes and import charges so it’ll be more) Whats a TM Goldmatch cost these days?(£159) You can buy a TM Hi capa for roughly £130. That’s a whole lot of pistol with pedigree reliability to go with it.
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    MP5 External Upgrades

    I think a little bit of sick just came out...
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    Because heavy balls are 'blue balls'...
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    Gun picture thread

    I know an M4 is an M4 is an M4, but below is my Raider 2.0. I’ve very much enjoyed flicking through this thread looking at all the pretty pew pews, so thought I’d share mine! Not pictured is my TM Hi-Capa ‘coz you all know what they look like.
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    Custom paint work

    Second ARP9 finished in a Deadpool theme. The first one sold so fast we were asked to do a second. My favourite ARP9 so far. Finished in a Borderlands theme with custom Nerf scope to add a bit if "Sci fi"
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