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    If its anything like his rifle and pistol, first numbers will be good then quality control will drop quicker than Bill Clinton trousers for an intern.
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    It’s likely to be the STTi mk23 with his own versions of the Hadron upgrades, with a markup. The more experience I gain in Airsoft and products, the more I avoid his like the plague.
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    MP5 External Upgrades

    Perfect time to try to get some likes for dopamine.
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    The normal sawn off shotguns weren't big enough so I have got the S-THUNDER DOUBLE BARRELED Grenade launcher. I'm gonna test it this weekend before I start modifying it.
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    IMHO Novowhatchamacallit isn't a Sniper and doesn't play like a Sniper. He just runs around with a bolt action rifle firing off in quick succession regardless if they hit or not. He is an Anti-Sniper, the absolute opposite. Even though he may run a rifle that could be used by a Sniper. No Sniper would use a rifle like that. The odd thing is he says he went on a Sniper course in the Army. I cant say or see that he learnt much... he's still just a kid with a bolty with a lot of kids following him. The Pied Piper of Pew Pew leading kids in tow...
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    Being a TM changing the hop rubber is downgrading imo
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    Cracked, finally, and bought a Gold Match for Practical Pistol 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    £159 new with a warranty, 😏
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    The annoying thing about this is out of all of the Airsoft snipers, he’s about the only one who doesn’t use a mk23. Every video I’ve seen has been a G18c, so he’s not even selling the ‘buy the gun I use and be just like me’ package. People will flock to it because people are stupid, but picking up a clone mk23 and £35 in parts can give the gun huge performance in less than half an hour with a screwdriver.
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    I deleted the thread. I'm dubious of it all but as admin I have to be open minded. The saltyness was a good reason to delete it. Although it was agreed I was a little quick on the trigger. Next time it comes up which it inevitably will comments will be monitored. As long as comments are polite, well constructed and use facts if we are to criticize they will be left. My personal opinion I don't think he needs or deserves our help.
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    Gun picture thread

    Updated pics of my Predator. Wanting some better fitting rail covers but still looking for some green ones. Now with suppressor and 552 replica
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    Game Cam

    Gun picture thread

    I haven't had time to post here in a while. In that time I picked up a TM AA12 and it is a insane piece of kit! I got more kills than I ever have in airsoft and more importantly I had the most fun I have had in a while! I would say you gotta have strict trigger discipline to avoid overshooting folk.
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    Need single point sling

    This is what you need , The perfect sling
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    Where do you hold your sidearm??

    I have my pistol in an m4 pouch on my lower chest. Who needs holsters? 😆
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    Got the LVOA-S arrive Monday and all the new attachments yesterday :-). Can't wait to head out and use it Sunday. Upgraded from a 3-4 year old 2nd hand G&G CM16 (I think this was the model) so hopefully a big improvement
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    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    Hey guys would like to sell or swap my rifle has been skirmished but runs flawlessly and rapid and has a awesome trigger response on a 11.1v lipo everything you see in the pictures is included list is below and what I would like to swap for Open to swaps offers I’m after GBBs please Included with this package Nuprol M4 delta Sopmod wired to deans boxed Brand new 11.1v vapex battery 7mags 6 are mid caps Carry handle rail adapter Rubber rail covers Silencer T1 Red dot 2 spare inner barrels 1 is a guarder 6.02 that would extend into the silencer Postage is included in price or open to gbb offers


    London - GB

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    Please report these as well as posting them here if possible
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    Parcelforce ----This has been posted before but when you organize a parcel online you are prompted with a 10% discount pop-up,ignore it and on the purchase completetion page when it asks for a code add the first letter of the month and the last 2 year digits,i.e F19(Feb),M19(march),etc,etc..it gives you 15%
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    Plz Help

    0.28g BBs. Clean the barrel. Play.
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    Painting Question

    Bright pink is a VCRA IF colour (Noting that every colour is meant to be ‘bright ____’) https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-violent-crime-reduction-act-2006-commencement-no-3-order-2007-firearms-measures https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2006/38/section/38 https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2006/38/section/39
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    Plz Help

    None, just use it
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    Novritsch ssp1 should i buy it?

    "Sell me 50 and then I'll order 500." Makes 100 and sends the best 50. "They're brilliant, now sent me 500." Makes 450 out of cheaper materials and sends the lot along with the worst 50 from the first batch.
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    Gun picture thread

    Made some pearlescent grips for my Colt Junior.
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    What the Police are taught...

    Thought this might be handy. Both these pictures are taken from the police student handbook. It appears that that some of what they are taught is different to what we have interpreted. (Mainly gifting of a RIF, recipient must be at least 17....)
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    The bubble will burst eventually. They always do with Tubers....
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    Game Cam

    Gun picture thread

    When people talk about only having one airsoft gun, this is the only one that would make me consider that. This gun is over-powered in every sense of the word - you could give this to a blind man and he could hold his own 😂 The magic TM hop for EACH of the three inner barrels gives it range that rivals my cyma sniper. The spread on it appears to have a mind of its own and will adapt to hit the target. 3000 round drum mag means I never had to even consider reloading since I only use semi auto, I even used the drum mag to fill up my mates high caps during the game. Honestly the only issue I had was a bit of feeding but looking online, I think that's just me being stupid. Fair to say this has become my go to primary now to Skirmishes!
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    Me ? I’d say most definitely , I really do think he ‘plays up’ for the camera . Unfortunately seems to be the way all the youtubers go (and not just Airsoft ) as the numbers grow so does the ego and the twat factor , shame really but that’s life !
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    Picked up 6 x Cybergun FAMAS 120 round midcaps to replace the 7 x TM FAMAS 69 round mags I just sold.
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    Yep, I get that, don’t really watch many of his vids as I’m only really interested in gear reviews or guides, gameplay is often dull to watch. Your quite right though, no place for bad sportsmanship, especially in the name of entertainment. I wonder if his play style is dictated by the need for YouTube content.
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    At least a NBB may slow him down a bit, he may only be able to over shoot by a couple if he adopts this platform now. Awaiting the Nobrich Glock18 with full auto.
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    Your going to be at a right disadvantage with these bud , you won’t hear anything bar your radio chatter .
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    MP5 External Upgrades

    Cheers. The front is designed and printed by myself. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3189126
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    Where do you hold your sidearm??

    FRV Tailoring belt, Safariland 6354DO on a mid ride set up. Trying it out in a game for the first time this month.
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    tbh the clone silencer is a bit flimsy same with some of the 3d print stuff you get. I also find it a little too long and fat as with the original. Especially for holstering . Not cheap but I'd get a tm hk45 suppressor for robustess or for printed stuff the short round hadron one of which I have both. Also have a lpe carbon fiber one which is very nice but you can't get them any more.
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    Dammit! I've just finished modding mine as well. Would have loved some input (or even to just buy one). I've removed the inner barrel, installed a ported 20mm conduit, packed it with foam packing and then stabilised the ends of the conduit with tape (lol) so it doesn't move then UHU'd it back together. No rattles and sound signature is now a low pitched thunk.
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    Airsoft "celebs"... literally cant name one in the UK who is a complete throbber, not to mention rest of the world.
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    My apologies - I didn't mean to be critical of the decision - I was disappointed that it got to a place where it had to be deleted, as I thought the discussion was interesting. I mean ten out of ten to him for being a cheeky fecker lol
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    Talk to @Samurai about mk23 suppressors, he custom makes them that are smaller and work exceptionally well.
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    Novritsch ssp1 should i buy it?

    And that's airsoft metres. Anywhere outside of spitting distance = must have been a 100m shot, my RIF is best RIF. Point blank shot = nah, that was 30m, I can tell On which sidearm is best sidearm, MP5K is best sidearm. 300fps+, full auto, 100 round mid caps: kind of serious.
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    THE TM MWS thread

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    A flag pole Two flags Ammo crate Small combo lock boxes Chem lights The random crap I buy for game ideas is vastly over taking the stuff I buy myself for airsoft at the moment
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    Wanted something lighter and less hot than my plate carrier so I picked up a warrior assault systems low profile chest rig for £34 new.
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    Looking forward to Stirling’s Op Arid falls this weekend at senny bridge! Trialing out the new Crye MRB set up and new arcteryx leaf Atom SV🔥
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    Krytac White Mark removal

    Didnt damage mine or remove any colour is the green a different , softer finish than the black? i did try on an unobvious place initially , goes without saying? Non ?
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    Plz Help

    Outdoor will be ok, not the best but perfectly usable. Barrel length does not = range.
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    Custom paint work

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    MP5 External Upgrades

    I think a little bit of sick just came out...
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    Gun picture thread

    I know an M4 is an M4 is an M4, but below is my Raider 2.0. I’ve very much enjoyed flicking through this thread looking at all the pretty pew pews, so thought I’d share mine! Not pictured is my TM Hi-Capa ‘coz you all know what they look like.
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    Personally I think its irresponsible to leave items like that on sites that for all intensive purposes have no-one there for majority of the week (in some cases even longer) the amount of RIf's listed as with the numerous sites over the last year that have been robbed could have been stored off site in any number of places. Being insured isn't the point, they are replica firearms. It's exactly the reason I don't agree with people hanging their guns in their houses on peg boards, its just asking to be robbed.
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    Custom paint work

    Second ARP9 finished in a Deadpool theme. The first one sold so fast we were asked to do a second. My favourite ARP9 so far. Finished in a Borderlands theme with custom Nerf scope to add a bit if "Sci fi"
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