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    In a slightly different way of answering - one thing I think should be in everyone's kit is a small toolkit of sorts/multitool. The amount of people I hear at game days that have an issue arise and aren't equipped to sort the small issues amazes me. If you have something on your kit that needs a tool, pack it. Obviously your not going to want to bring stuff to do a whole strip down of your gun but I'm talking maybe a multihead screwdriver (there's a few decent ones on the market that don't break the bank), Alum keys for whatever size you know your kit needs and maybe a pair of snips. I constantly get asked while working if I have this that and the other and while I always have a kit on me I don't always like lending stuff out as I've had things come back to me in shit condition or not come back at all (maybe slightly my fault for not chasing them for it back) So my favorite non-airsoft stuff is the things that allow me to play and keep playing.
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    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    Approximately zero as not even the seller wants it!
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    Selling rifs and the VCR Act.

    Ask them what colour’s the boat house in herford ? 🤔 If they don’t know then there not a real airsofter ! 😉
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    Probably my odin speedloader, really takes the edge off running midcaps
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    ???, what we talking about, clothing, footwear, the car, the dog ?, the list could be endless. or do you mean "kit" of a civilian nature, but that has its roots in the military/survival etc etc ? such as taclites, go-bags, that kinda thing.....
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    How about this chap? Wants £400 for a two tone CA M249. Comes with two batteries, a charger and the bloke is kind enough to chuck an unjamming rod into the mix as well!
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    choice made ill be going tonight to the fortress and then fwg on Sunday. excitement level +1000
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    I always pick up a tesco meal deal on the way to my local cqb. Battery case for my phone, all that surfing whilist waiting for the idiots to bomb up takes its toll.
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    Firesupport £3500 prize Giveaway January 2019 WINNERS SO FAR £3500 worth of prizesEvery Day in January win a prize from the list belowINTERNET ORDERS only to Qualify2 chances to winEach day a winner is picked from the internet orders placed that day.Then at the end of the month all internet orders from the month are then used to pick a winner for the main prize of the Marui AK47 recoilStill left to winMarui NEXT-GEN 4-16 DELTA (Black Version) (AEG) Upgraded and 4 midcap magazinesICS (Metal) PAR MK3 R MTR EBB AEG Airsoft Gun - supplied by ICSICS (Metal) M4 CQB with Retractable StockICS (Plastic)(Tan) CXP16 Short VersionICS (Metal) M4 CQB Folding StockICS (Metal) M4 CQB with Stubby Stock ICS (Metal)(Tan) M4 R.I.SMarui M92F Chrome GBB PistolMarui Foliage Warrior GBB PistolMarui 1911 Mark IV Series '70 GBB Airsoft Pistol (Nickel)ICS White 6mm .20g Competition Grade BB's (5000 Resealable Bag) x 5Firesupport Lipo Mod free to recoilASG ULTRAIR GBB Gas 570 ml (5 cans)Kong Power Lipo battery of your choice x 3King Arms SF CAP W/ TA FlagDytac Hexmag M4/M16 Mid-Cap Magazines (Box of 5)(Dark Earth)Guarder Tactical Elbow Pad BlackVFC S&W M&P9C 6mm GBB PistolExcel .20g BB's 3700 rnd Resealable Bag (White) 10 bagsFiresupport Marui Recoil upgrade 340 fpsFiresupport Fit BTC or Titan Ngen mosfetXcortech X3500 ChronographG&P Free Float Recoil System M16 RAS airsoft gun AEGwww.fire-support.co.uk
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    Yet another winner from AK2M4! Ordered around 1pm yesterday and arrived 08.40 today!
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    THE TM MWS thread

    Arrgh I should stop looking at this thread, really want a TM MWS RIF now despite already owning a GHK M4 Mod1 which i really love too.
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    Adolf Hamster

    Selling rifs and the VCR Act.

    it's simple, just ask them if they own a novritsch gun and if the answer's yes then don't sell to them
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    there's no christ where you are
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    @Sitting Duck.

    @Sitting Duck Anyone know if he's O.K. He's not logged since October, And it's worrying me a little. I don't know what site's he shoots at, or where he is based. If anyone has spoken to him or knows him in RL just let us know he's all good. TY.
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    The hilarious retail+ price aside, what's the target market for folk who want an M249 but don't have a UKARA?
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    Patrol Base

    Yes, patrolbase are definitely one of the best websites for airsoft needs. Very quick service whether it be questions or orders. And customer service is always second to none, I have made a few mistakes on orders and they always seem to go out of their way to help me out
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    Hahaha! In all honesty it did cross my mind but as you say better to always be safe than sorry I might hit you up again if you still have things come pay day
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    Adolf Hamster

    3 pin Lipo battery?

    3 pin is for 2 cells aka 7.4, 4 pin is for 3 cells aka 11.1v Depending on how the charger works it should simply ignore the missing cell or you'll be able to set it to correctly charge a 2 cell.
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    I too suffer from this problem. A while back I went "Hey I have an entire M81 BDU set (with a patrol and boonie cap), I need an ALICE kit, because that's what a US BDU was designed around." So I got an ALICE belt. Likewise I went "Hey, an LBV-88 is also period correct and I can DOUBLE my load bearing capabilities without overpacking my belt." So I got one of those. Then I snagged a picture of a Marine FAST in Panama with a Colt SMG and went "Hey, I need a Colt SMG." And then a long muddled story happened that will end on Monday when my magazine adapter gets here. And now I have an LC-2 Duckbill belt coming in with a 69 dated buttpack. I take back my previous statement, this story will NEVER end.
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    Traffic Stop with rifs in car

    Hi, have just joined the website so first of all, Hello everyone. I found the best thing to do was be polite and honest with the officer. Explain what is in your car if asked. my nuprol case wass in the boot but has to come into the rear seats through the 40/60 split, that is why the officer saw it. She asked what it was so I told her politely and as calmly as I could give the circumstance. She asked me to very calmly take her to my boot to show her what I meant. She had a look inside my case, saw the battery, the bottle of BB’s, had a look at the email receipt from the venue I had just played at, all whilst I was trying my best to explain things. She didn’t call for armed response. After looking at my equipment and deeming me “safe” she even asked if it hurt so I showed her my “wounds” and she laughed and asked why would you do that?! Ha i think honesty and not being a dick is the right way forward. Obviously it depends on the officer in question. I could have easily ended up being handcuffed in the back of the police car waiting for armed response to come and deem everything safe. But hopefully that day will never come
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    i'm meaning when you consider the difference compared to say an ak, or any of the current issue bullpups, to me the 416 is just a fancy piston driven ar with an hk trigger group.
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    Selling rifs and the VCR Act.

    If I saw someone on here that was a regular I'd happily sell to them with little to no background checks. It's clear that they have a history of playing Airsoft and so that's their defense, which I'm happy with. If it was a new user I'd ask for a UKARA. If they don't have one I'd ask where they play and for some pictures or booking info from a few of their games. Failing that I'd message the owner of the site asking if they'd heard of this person. If I don't believe the person to be of age I'd ask for some ID. Pretty common sense stuff really. Just chatting with someone you can usually tell if they've been playing a while. General questions and such like what guns do they own, how long they've been playing/where, etc in between responses.. I've had some people sell to me without asking for anything. Depends on the person I guess but that's how I go about checking people's defense.
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    Next site to review has been chosen. Lift has been procured for this Sunday!
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    Rushers / Speedsofters

    You play like me. I always think those that get salty after this style of play are jealous. Either of your fitness or you outplaying them. To me, you can play however you see fit, as long as you aren’t cheating. That being said, I have had it that some rushers don’t call hits, not because they are intentionally cheating, just the adrenaline pumping means you don’t feel it as easily. I think this is possibly where the stigma comes from?
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    Compulsive Reload

    Gun picture thread

    These just arrived 😍
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