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    Which Sight

    I highly doubt any manufacturer is going to cover a sight getting shot out under warranty!
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    Buying abroad.

    No - the law doesn’t specify UKARA. The law requires you to have a ‘defence’ under the VCRA By importing the onus is upon you to demonstrate your defence and UKARA is the most recognised defence for airsoft When you buy in the UK it’s the sellers responsibility to ensure that they are selling to someone with a defence Have a rethink about buying abroad and importing to get around the law by rephrasing to : Is there any legal way that I'm able to travel to country's which don't have the laws we do, buy a firearm and bring it back to the UK without having a FAC? Because this would be a good way to get a firearm without a FAC
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    Which Sight

    I wouldn't have either of those TBF. For a 1x red dot I use a walther ps22. They run at about £90, but I was given mine. I wouldn't pay that for airsoft. I would look for a china part clone. You can grab a 1x red dot with cantilever mount for under £20. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Red-Green-Dot-Tactical-Reflex-Sight-4-MOA-with-Rail-Mount/113370067479?hash=item1a6561f217:g:ByMAAOSwrpJb6n-~:rk:2:pf:0 The most important thing with an airsoft scope is the magnification. The standard 3-9x scopes are a little too powerful to get a good indication of flyers and BB drop. You can use them but it's much harder work. I prefer lower power scopes. 1-4x 1.5-4x 2-7x They have the advantage of been close to a regular red dot at the lower power, but offering enough zoom for the inaccuracies of airsoft. Anything more than 4x isn't very useful in my experience. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tactical-Recon-Monocular-Telescope-Scope-1-5-4X30-Waterproof-Picatinny-Rail/142661853309?epid=705572126&hash=item21374f207d:g:nZQAAOSwRWZcHeuZ:rk:3:pf:0 https://www.solware.co.uk/hawke-vantage-2-7x32-ao-mil-dot-scope I would certainly not spend over the odds on a scope that is going to be shot in CQB. Cheap and cheerful, Easy to replace, near disposable. For woodland I will put on a more expensive scope with some lens protection. The hawke 2-7x I would probably use in CQB. The only issue you might have is it's not illuminated. Otherwise it's a scope designed for target shooting air rifles. So it's accurate and should hold a good zero.
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    Time Left: 22 hours and 26 minutes

    • For sale
    • Used

    Here is my brothers TM Mp5, only owned it for a couple of months, Recently serviced. Wired to deans. Reason for selling is My brother has gone more to the sniping role and uses his SRS more. When we purchased it had a few niggles to it, the wiring was atrocious, it was shooting inconsistently etc etc. All of these faults have been addressed and it now works perfectly, from what I remember, it isn’t upgraded, mostly stock or like for like items internally.(Think motor was changed previously) Collection preferred, will post at cost, defence required. Any questions(or if you want any more photos) please ask, my brother has provided me with this info, I'm just listing! Always open to offers and swaps, just let me know what you’ve got. Please note: As of 14/9/18 this is now spares or repairs, when used today the fire selector plate has obviously become warn. It fires fine in semi and auto, but you have to push the lever down to get it to fire auto consistently. The part is £10 from Eagle6. Price reflected.


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    Hi all, Had to laugh at Jays post earlier re Mid life crisis as I've just finished my first full year of Airsoft at 47! Started out trying to get my 14 yr old boy out and active- he hated it and I got hooked lol. Looking to get out to other sites this year so hope to see some of you guys in the field.😀
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    Battleship Grey Arp 9

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news bud but you’ll need a big price drop on what your asking to sell your package , your only asking £15 less than I could pick it up brand new with all the guarantees from a shop for .
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    Which Sight

    Unless it’s for a sniper/DMR (which it isn’t in your case) I’d go with the red dot. If youve got the money for a vortex see if they do a reflex style sight, I much prefer those as you get a wider field of view
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    Which Sight

    Correct vortex has an amazing warranty and I can but one of these fit to any RIF I want and never have to worry about buying another to replace it, as vortex will do that for me. Just check out vortex UK on instagram or Facebook and you will see they say it themselves if it's shot out they will repair or replace it.
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    Which Sight

    Have you actually ever claimed on it?
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    Which Sight

    Vortex do. Virtually every airsoft shop that sells them has it listed as such too. Why spend £50 on a crappy replica that you throw away once it’s shot out when you can buy a RS one that will literally last a lifetime.
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    Beginner m4 with room for improvement??

    What's wrong with polymer receivers?
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    Looking for a reliable gun.

    TM 1911 Hi Capa /end thread
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    Head Camera

    Get an actual GoPro instead, the image quality is so much better.
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    Angry gun silencer

    I can, using "site BBs" is all well and good but you should be chronoing with the weight the player plans to use to rule out joule creep. When everyone gets off the FPS @ .2g bandwagon i'll be happy. Can't say i've really come across many people who try to cheat the system but then i've not played many places. The mall were super strict with checking with a lower limit and worthing check in joules. Would be nice to see more random spot checks in game though. Can't say i've ever seen one outside of a YT video xD
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    Mini tank anyone?

    Bwahahahaha https://m.warhistoryonline.com/instant-articles/buy-yourself.html
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    Firearm ban

    Exactly. Not that I'd want to wind up anyone who's done something worthy of at least 3 years incarceration, but I am wondering if these are tales that grow in the telling.
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    Custom paint work

    Second ARP9 finished in a Deadpool theme. The first one sold so fast we were asked to do a second. My favourite ARP9 so far. Finished in a Borderlands theme with custom Nerf scope to add a bit if "Sci fi"
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    Custom paint work

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    Custom paint work

    Most of my paint jobs range in price from £70-£100. Something like an M4 in a worn tan with one mag would be the £70 option. The Templar m4 wouldn't actually be much much as there weren't that many colours used. Probably £80. Prices climb a little if it's something like the HALO or Boba Fett finish as thete is more masking involved. In general though all paint finishes are £100 or under. Only time it goes above that is when there are multiple mags and attachments that all need painting too. I've been told I'm too cheap but being a married man with 2 kids myself I know a lot of folks don't have cash to splash about and I enjoy doing them and seeing the reactions they get. Hope that helps. The jacket was my first go at distressing clothing. On one side, the dirtier looking side, I used a lot of acrylic spray paint and really thinned down oil paints to give the appearance of stains. On the other I used a sludge that came out of the heating system when we were putting in a new kitchen. The paints work as you woukd expect but give the material a bit of a stiff feel to them. The sludge worked just like a dye and left the fabric nice and soft. I need to get hold of some 'Dirty Down' fabric crayons as they would be much better for around the cuffs, collar, elbows, etc. I'm also going to get some black and brown clothes dye to play about with. So far it's all been an experiment. Posted below are a few more pics as I've added some stencils and a back pack. Still quite a bit to do but it's good fun.
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    Custom paint work

    I bought them direct from the manufacturer.
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    Custom paint work

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    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Just wanted to show off my Russian FSB loadout, not exaclty realistic, but I love it! -LCT AS Val - WE G17 // - Suit 'Raid' - Generic platecarrier - Fast helmet(atacs-fg cover)(Headset thingy)(Tinted goggles) - Telniashka(VDV) - Russian Regular boots - Tactical kneepads -FSB backpatch, Alpha patch, Russian patch x3(1 in camo), Freedom patch(stalker game series :D), Kolovrat patch, and a name patch 'волк' or 'Wolf'.
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    Custom paint work

    It's an old Trespass summer jacket under the plate.
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    Custom paint work

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    MSSW Rune

    Russian loadouts thread

    So I've finally managed to get my hands on a genuine Crye Precision AC set for my TsSN FSB Alpha kit. Just a few more bits needed for this kit now! Feel free to post up your Russian loadouts in whatever form they may take
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