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    New user, first post being an advert for a scope listed at twice the market price new with only stock photos and a copy/pasted description (unless I'm missing something here?). Hmm..
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    Gun picture thread

    The GBB beast is completed. And heavy. I will get some nicer pictures eventually but this shall do for now. The other picture was the inspiration for it.
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    Not using real pics of the item they actually own is against the rules as it's as good as no pictures at all. Report it and mods will give them 24 hours to update it plus will add a notice to the header of it so people know it's fishy.
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    I did some telly extra work back in the day. It was along the same lines, as well: cheaping out on professional stunt performers and Equity members by using enthusiastic amateurs with a matching skill set. So I won't say that you should expect to be treated like cattle being herded through an abattoir, because there are rules covering that. Consider: what will happen if you get injured during trials or filming? Until you get your Equity golden ticket, you're a disposable commodity. Go in eyes wide open. Enjoy.
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    An interesting sidearm...

    I picked up a very nice, full trades, rotating barrel Beretta PX4 the other week. Lovely pistol. Bottom gun in this pic
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    Gun picture thread

    Thank you! I am sure I'll find a new project soon, so keep an eye out for a message 😂
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    Gun picture thread

    @BigBlackGlock Dude that looks incredible!! Just like you planned it, let me know when you want to sell it 😆
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    @Gepard you're not the only one who sees something off about it. I don't consider for a moment buying from a forum member that hasn't been active. While I get that for some people that's the reason they join up, it's a risk I won't take. In regards pricing, I'm sure some people don't see how much they can buy things at retail for, forgetting that Google is your friend (at least for this 😉 ).
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    Replacing CM16 Raider Short rail

    The term "component part" may be held to include (i) the barrel, chamber, cylinder, (ii) frame, body or receiver, (iii) breech, block, bolt or other mechanism for containing the charge at the rear of the chamber (iv), any other part of the firearm upon which the pressure caused by firing the weapon impinges directly. Magazines, sights and furniture are not considered component parts. Handguards are furniture, you can buy airsoft or real handguards without a firearms certificate.
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    Replacing CM16 Raider Short rail

    The front sight "triangle" as you call it is actually the gas block. They are sometimes removable, you can buy a low profile dummy gas block, or one with a flip up front sight as well. Don't try buying gas blocks where you're not sure of the origin, as the real ones look identical, are not expensive, and will be classed as firearms components.
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    Drunk purchase from last night. My brain decided that I needed to learn how to work on a gearbox and decided to buy the following: CYMA P90 CM060B. Specna Arms 14:1 Gearset. Element 6mm Steel Bushings (Should have bought bearings). Xcortech XET304u Mosfet SHS P90 Air Nozzle FMA P90 QD Sling Mount Element Gearbox Shim set. 2X SHS M90 Springs Going for a high speed build, not sure whether to short stroke and go for 11.1v or just go with a standard 7.4v high speed build. Considering I have never worked on anything like this before probably will go 7.4V. I also have a TM Aug barrel that will go in this. G36 to M4 Magwell conversion adapter One point bungee sling Dump Bag for my SL8 Low Caps. 11.1v lipo with deans.
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    Got shouted at by marshals today for my ROF and I wasn't even shooting when it happened... marshals just get attracted to the dye mask.
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    Bolle Tracker 2

    I didnt think so. Was just double checking Thanks.
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    I enjoyed it. The game areas are great good mix of indoor and outdoor areas, I only had a few things I'd like to see them address. A bit more of a clear game area, got lost a few times 😂 a few colours on the buildings would help and spawns, with a bit more enforcement about shooting into the spawns , and a bit of rubble clearing from some of the stair wells, but over all the staff were friendly the games were good. Considering they have only had 8 games so far, I think Chris said?, I definitely would recommend it. We enjoyed it though we're off back on Sunday the 11th And they have done quite a bit of updates this weekend from what they have said in the group.
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    An interesting sidearm...

    Most American sites will stock them. They love kwa crap
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    Gun picture thread

    SnITactical. However, it was a massive ballache. I got charged 15% more than I should have after checkout (some kind of reverse discount?!) and then 5 weeks later (yesterday) when it finally arrived, I had to pay another £18 customs fee. Came to about £90. As for who it is, I have no idea 😅Random picture from a Facebook group
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    Dual panes aren't the definitive solution to fogging, at least for me.. Today I had the chance to properly test my valken sierra goggles I bought last year (and literally never used) and holy moly they're bad! Put them on, didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes for them to be completely fogged, and I wasn't even sweating since I was waiting for the others to get dressed up!!! I'm kinda pissed because I paid quite a while (around €60 shipped from the UK) I'm pretty sure the problem is ventilation, it has tiny holes on top and bottom but they're clearly not enough, I may drill some proper holes in the frame and rig up a fan.. If that doesn't work either I'll stick to glasses + some serious anti fog solution.. Double pane lenses may help, but you still need some dry, fresh air between your eyes and the lens..
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    This NUT is STUCK

    Either I’m miss interpreting or the others are. You say the NUT is tight, not the grub screw. If that’s the case, I presume you have watched a disassembly guide just to see if it’s a CCW thread? If not your best bet would be to hold the barrel in a vice(if you have one), put something a bit more substantial than an Allen key in the hole, maybe a centre punch. And Gently “persuade” it with a hammer. If it’s been glued are gammed up a nice tap with the hammer should shock it which may provide you with some movement. Being made of a cheap metal I’d probably warn against heat as this is likely to seize it further.
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    If you ever do have a problem with ‘wobbly’ mags one of the best simplest solutions is to put adhesive Velcro (the loop not the hook) in the magwell, gives it just enough extra tension to hold the mag in .👍
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    Gun picture thread

    Got myself a pretty one as well as a real steel mdt flat top grip:
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    Fitness/age/etc etc what ever is immaterial , what loon is going to use a bunch of Airsofters as actors ?😳 we don’t listen to the game brief FFS what chance there going to listen to some thespian director ! 😂 Give em decent kit and they'll be trying to do ‘dinamic entry’ on every fecking door in sight , AND more than likely breaking them selves and not the door ! 🤦‍♂️ This just has clusterf**k in big red letters written all over it ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    From Gamer to Airsofter

    See a lot of posts saying how uncomfortable separate knee pads can be , the secret is cross the straps behind your knee’s so the straps are going top to bottom and visa versa . You don’t need to do them up as tight so there not as constrictive and they hold position a lot better than doing them up ‘straight across’ , totally changes the whole feel of wearing them .👍
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    Fun time I'll get better pics later
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    Item in limbo?

    That’s what PayPal is for. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, but we’ll see. Getting thoroughly pissed off with airsoft stores at the minute. It can’t be this difficult to manage inventory and CS.. Yeah. It says it’s a Royal Mail number. I can type it into RM and it accepts it, but it still thinks it’s not in the country
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    Hahaha just been talking to a mate about this very thing ! AND he couldn’t remember who he got his from ! 😂😂😂
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    G&P m249 "Ranger"... all 7 kilos of it!
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    Ares L1A1 SLR

    You’ll spend most of your first gameday wondering around in a semi fog not believing you’ve got one of the most perfect long guns ever made clasped in your sweaty little mitts !
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    Good skirmish AEG

    Easy: https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/marui-recoil-cqbr-black-version-airsoft-gun-ebb-aeg Then https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/fire-support-lipo-stock-conversion-for-marui-recoil-cqbr Then https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/pts-epm-marui-recoil-m4scar-magazines-black120-rnd (x2) A smidge over £500 - enjoy trouble free, and high performance airsofting for the next 6-10 years. And just to follow this up so I don't sound like an arsehole.. there is no need to buy a mid-range gun and "upgrade" it without using it. A £300 gun will probably do just fine, but if you're lucky enough to have a budget of £500, use the majority of it on the best gun you can get. And don't worry about upgrades - do that when something breaks or fails.
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    An interesting sidearm...

    Tried this.. failed chrono.
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    An interesting sidearm...

    Loved that show, can't think why ?
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    EMG Salient Arms 2011 DS

    Horrid abortion of a fictional gun.
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