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    There is no such thing as a medium/long range gun. All AEG's should be capable of flinging a BB to the maximum range provided the fps is right. Barrel length and cylinder volume is irrelevant. You have 1.13 joules of energy regardless, So all bb's that exit the barrel have the same energy and the same distance potential. @Rogerborg is absolutely correct when he says the raider can perform. Because any gun can. If you want a new gun cool, But personally I'd tweak the existing one first. The trick is consistency, and accuracy. Neither are variables that can be pinned on one component, rather they come with a combination of the gun as a whole. To get consistency, you need a gearbox without leaks, and a barrel that is correct for the cylinder volume. The hop unit, bucking and airseal nozzle also need to be as good a match as possible. To get accuracy you need a well finished, straight barrel, that is running a consistent hop unit with a decent bucking. Barrel length - irrelevant, Cnc hop units - irrelevant. With that in mind any aeg can be made to meet your criteria. The truth of the matter is to get those things that are important you have to build it yourself. There is no out of the box perfect solution. A bog standard JG with a little spent on it can out perform guns that cost far far more, and there is nothing more satisfying. For any M4 platform - Upgrade the hop unit to a rotary style, Put in a half decent inner barrel like a zci 6.02. Stick in a decent bucking maple leaf, laylax ect. Then sort the airseal nozzle, and gearbox airseals (piston head, cylinder head). Total spent less than £50. Do it right and you will have a gun that hits maximum range and does it reliably on target. Rate of fire is as easy as a motor change. A 35K rpm motor on a good 7.4v lipo will produce 25ish rps. Anything more than that you have to start messing with the gearbox. Picking up a specific brand gun, or expecting one out of the box solution to be better than another is like splitting hairs. You might get a great gun, or you might get one that has one minor fault not picked up on in QC that means it can't perform. Either way if you are buying a gun solely for how it performs out of the box, then you will never get what you want without spending silly money. Personally you couldn't give me a gun with an ETU. The wildhog and the Ares both have trigger systems that are prone to failure. And when they fail they cost a small fortune to replace (because no one is going to repair an ETU). Basic contacts in comparison will take any battery without complaint, and with a protection mosfet they should last for many many years. If you can't tech, then learn to do it. For £45 you can buy a complete gearbox from AK2M4. Use it like a practice tool. Shim it, strip it, rewire it, Correct the airseals. Then once you are confident make the Raider into a monster. https://www.ak2m4.co.uk/internal-parts/gearboxes-complete/ec-complete-gearbox-qd-v2-rear Rotary hop unit https://www.ak2m4.co.uk/internal-parts/hopups-rubbers/zci-prowin-style-hopup-chamber-plastic-m4 Good bucking. https://www.ak2m4.co.uk/internal-parts/hopups-rubbers/maple-leaf-macaron-50-aeg Nub for bucking. https://www.ak2m4.co.uk/internal-parts/hopups-rubbers/maple-leaf-nub ZCI inner barrels. https://www.ak2m4.co.uk/internal-parts/inner-barrels Air nozzle. https://www.ak2m4.co.uk/internal-parts/air-nozzles/ra-m4-aluminium-nozzle
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    do i need a ukara to own a rif gun

    No Possession / ownership is not subject to the VCRA There isn’t a licence, it’s proof of a ‘defence’ as defined by the VCRA and is protection for the seller
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    all seems clear on the western front tonight.....
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    Depends what style of gun you want. If you want a SMG I would highly recommend the g&g top tech UMG. The hop unit is great and the range and accuracy is amazing. It is by far the best standard gun I have come across in terms of effective range. ASG Scorpion evo is another great out of the box gun. CYMA make great AKs. It's not sniper accurate but solid none the less. I wouldn't recommend fiddling with your own gun unless you have another one to use if you can't get it working just right, except maybe getting a new hop chamber, bucking, nub, and barrel. Then you can put it all together and replace the standard one without dismantling it. Then if it doesn't perform right put the stock one back in. I recently finished turning my raider L into a DMR. It was a great learning process and I could have done it much cheapernifbi had listens to advice on here. Ibwould recommend learning but only when you have a backup gun. So you can see whats possible here's My cm16. Pretty much all that remains is the reciever gearbox casing and outer barrel. (Modified to fit in the handguard)
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    Opinions/help on a sniping setup

    I hope this isn't redundant information at this point, but I've just spotted that TaiwanGun are now selling 680mAh plug-and-play AEP lipo batteries at £11 a go. Realistically, 1 of those will last you a whole day as a secondary, and likely even as a CQB semi-auto primary. http://www.taiwangun.com/en/batteries-li-po/battery-li-po-680mah-7-4v-20c-micro-ipower
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    The last AFUK Mall event

    I've never actually used a shottie before, could be fun to borrow it for a game if possible? I'll look after it
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    Have you considered a G&G CM16 Raider L? By which I mean: what is it specifically about your Raider that you want to improve? It should be shooting reliably at about 350fps already with fair accuracy, so the cheapest way to shoot more BBs in less time would be to throw a high speed motor and and Deans wiring to a high C lipo into your current gun. Likewise, if the accuracy isn't all you'd want, changing the hop rubber / nub / barrel / hop unit would run you less than a new gun. If it's under 350fps, then sort the air seal for pennies, or replace the spring for under £10. If you just want another gun, that's absolutely fine (my name is Rogerborg and I am an airsoft purchasing addict...) but what is it that you want in one that's distinct from what you already have?
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    The last AFUK Mall event

    Unless anybody is bringing a guest like this I would say your own entertainment.
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    The last AFUK Mall event

    Still wondering if I should bring the Ghostbuster suit out for another outing or not...
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    The "Share A Bargain" Thread

    UKTactical are selling off the remainder of their ATACS-AU gear as WAS has stopped making it. Massive discounts too!
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    Gun picture thread

    So this is the latest incarnation of my DMR. I need shorter mags 😉 Scope cover courtesy @Druid799 Cheers G
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    Just a quick appreciation post. Ordered some toy gun ammo from these guys. Still hadn’t turned up 10 days later so gave a email, within 15 minutes had a reply and information that was requested. Looks as though a courier fuckity uppity, go figure. But the speed and professionalism from this company really impressed me. May have been a rocky start but a life long customer (As long as the bb’s feed ok when they turn up 😢). Keep doing what you doing guys!
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    Airsoft Questionnaire

    Moderator Message One member has ignored my previous message, and yet again resorted to an unintelligent and personal rant. There is absolutely no need to be abusive on these forums. Having received previous warnings for aggressive posts and poor behaviour he has been banned from the forum.
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    Hate it with a passion.

    Nothing especially wrong with it but.... If everyone on site wants to chrono every gun they have with them the time it takes, takes away from starting games on time etc etc. Every gun we chrono gets a coloured cable tie so if a gun comes out in the field (which we check before entering the playing area) without a tie you'd be asked to go back and get a gun that does have a tie, or to get it chrono'd Generally I just think its a bit selfish to bring anything more than two guns up to the chrono as if there are 90 other people that need to check their weapons then like I've said it also takes time away from them guess it just goes back to player ethics more than anything for me. I've never taken more than two guns to a site and I struggle to understand why people turn up with anything more than three!
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    Hate it with a passion.

    Again, not a gun per say but.... When a player turns up at Chrono with an armory worth of weapons even after being told that they should only be chrono'ing what they intend to use that day... "oh but I'm going to use all of these so you have to Chrono them"
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    Surely this is a joke...
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    The "What I wasted money on" thread...

    A full set of DDPM, including the Osprey Mk3 and Mk6 cover. Haven't used it once. I mean who'd have guessed desert camo in a woodland environment wouldn't blend well? Honestly I just bought it because I liked the pattern. Hell, maybe I should plan a trip to California and get some use out of it whilst I'm there.
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    New to airsoft

    Hi I know at 38 im a bit old but played at Manchester a few weeks ago as an experience and loved it. Looking to start getting there as much as I can around work n family!
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    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    At Ace Combat today:
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    Here is a pic of some of the stuff I run around with.
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    Load-Out / Loadout Picture topic

    Ay finally some good shots Me and my beautiful custom built Noveske.
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    Going to Airsoft alone...?

    +1 to that. Get enough bloody nagging at home. “Take the bins out” , “go to work” or “stop shooting my knickers with your BB gun”. Like it’s my fault my gun gets nearer to them than I do. 🤣
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    Panther's Guide To: Basic SOP's

    in simple terms RTR return fire. take cover return apropriate fire
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