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  2. Brill cheers Do I need some kind of adapter as well ?
  3. Recent game date email suggests it could be this summer...
  4. TM speed loader should work https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/tokyo-marui-xl-m4-style-bb-speed-loader-470rnd or get the KWA one? https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/kwa-xl-m4-style-bb-loader-460-rnd
  5. Takes about 40 mins for you eyes to apdapt to the dark. Sounds weird, but if you look directly at something in the dark, you might not see it (due to science stuff about how the rods and cones are set up in your eyes). Try looking slighty to the side or below the thing you are trying to spot and you will see it. Also, eat a shit load of carrots.
  6. I’ve used a standard Marui type, I’m assuming it takes standard KWA M4 mags?
  7. HI all I have purchased a KWA HK416 GBBR , can anyone tell me what speed loader i can use to load the mag , what adapter type do I use. any links Cheers
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  9. I was there but didn't see that or hear about it. I can't rightly recall if the policy is supposed to be to send unchronoed as well as hot guns home with their owners. If it's not, they might as well not bother chronoing.
  10. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Hi guys, I'm selling my lovely FAMAS. It's in near enough perfect condition and fires perfectly. It's been a dream but I'm looking for something a bit new e.g. the APS UAR hat's back in stock on patrolbase. I'm asking for £120 for collection. I am open to offers though so if you have something in mind send a message. (Sadly no delivery because of the size of the rifle and I don't feel like royal fail destroying it) Email : [email protected]



  11. Idk what this is Just a selection of what I can afford & like
  12. Have a look under UBR or DRSS on DHgate or aliexpress. Not many with an AEG stock but worth looking 👍🏻 Or make me an offer lol
  13. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Looking for a l86 although I’ll consider any l85’s that people want to offer me.


  14. Time Left: 6 days and 21 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    ICS CXP Ape Really good condition Shoots like a dream Will come with battery, scope, hand grip, silencer. Will also include 3 high caps.


    Chorley , Lancashire - GB

  15. Those techs must be from AT&T, smuggled themselves into the UK.
  16. My experiences include: The hop being shocking and it having inconsistent FPS...despite having had two different techs work on it. Selling it the moment anyone took an interest in it. (Standard 7.2v stick lipo fits, snuggly)
  17. I'm still planning on Sunday. I'm sure they'll be plenty of other times to say hi or shoot each other in the back 😋 Cheers Oscar
  18. Thank you immortal, had a look at the price and it’s abit past my max price I want to pay plus it’s been made with a custom aeg stock instead of it coming with one, if anyone else has anything please help
  19. Time Left: 6 days and 20 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Rarely used and in Immaculate condition. I am selling this purely because I am no longer playing the sport. Tacked Hop upgrade, three round burst (more efficient for range and accuracy, easier on the motor and battery economical)• 110 Spring Silver Cylinder • Zombie Stopper Sight• Magpul MBUS Flip up sights• Vector Flip up sight. • FAB Defense Recoiling Stock• Magpull Magwell Grip• Magpul Furniture (rail mount)• Red Dot Box (cosmetic) • Skeleton Rail Grip• 2x Lipo Batteries (includes Lipo safe bag)• Crown Jammer Flash hiderComes with:• Speed loader fitted with custom bag feed• 5x Steel Mags• Black hawk Assault rifle bagIf further images are required Gun bag / rifle sling, please do not hesitate to ask.Open to offers.The Items are being sold in bulk, not as separate items.Viewings welcome, weekends only as I work 8:30 – 6:30 pm 5 days a week.Cash or Paypal OnlyAny Questions Please message:Email: [email protected]: 07542706503


    - GB

  20. Hi just thought I’d give this ago but I’m after a magpul ubr stock gen 1 or 2 replica does anyone know of any websites or any on eBay ect that they could send me the link too or anyone in uk that has a second hand one they want to get rid of thanks
  21. camo raids lists the DOR as lighter than the GM overall obviously doesn't help slide vs slide. I duno I seen new TM hi capa and thought it must have that new magic inside. Guess reviews will let me know I should of just got a GM instead.
  22. This to me reeks of one of the problems within airsoft. All marshals should be proper paid staff. You can have player marshals if you have the right people for that role but not all marshals can do that and still be professional. To have a team of guys do it because they were believed to be good lads brings to mind the regulars favouritism that has plagued airsoft sites forever. If a player becomes a marshal then that player should drop all affiliation with others so lines do not get blurred. When I started marshalling I put barriers between me and my airsoft friends. I didn't play alongside or particularly associate with them on the day. Even while playing I was 100% marshal and just drove games and did not play for myself. To have a group of players dole out punishments and pull people up is asking for trouble no matter whether they are fair and honest guys or not. I know of a situation where a set of favoured players/groupies were pushing the boundries between staff and players and it pissed people off. Most of them never really knew it but lots of other players started to resent the whole situation. Every site should draw a very clear line through this sort of thing.
  23. My local test shots throughout the day and acts on it if the player doesn’t take their hits. I’ve only seen a single exclusion/ban in the year I’ve been playing there, so must be doing something right. Cheating isn’t a huge issue there and they do keep on top of it.
  24. Could have bought my pimped TM that's new! Full daddy internals and hard ano slide, get a frame and its perfection!
  25. Pritch

    TM Breacher

    Time Left: 6 days and 20 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Breacher with full stock. Comes with two pistol grips, one modified to allow tightening of the main bolt, as the pistol grips can come loose easily so this means as easy fix without disassembly. The other pistol grip is like new. One pistol grip tank and one butt stock tank. One TM shell and 4 Nuprol shells. Collection preferred but can organise postage.


  26. There's always non hit takers at every game I've played. You know it's not just you being optimistic with shots when friends and randoms say the same player is doing it through the day. I do find there's only enough hits they can ignore so this is about the only time I switch to full auto and get drilling. One guy in a skull mask at Apocalypse would blatantly be seen rubbing where he was hit and then carry on firing back. Again, eventually he would give up with heavy ammo drilling him for an extended burst. Sometimes it's the only way when Marshalls don't act. It does ruin the whole point of the game and I don't like wasting the ammo... but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes and a man's gotta know his limitations. I've paid to play just like he had. I'll not have my day ruined by Mr.Indestructable-better-than-everyone-else-can't-take-a-hit-nob-jockey-in-a-shit-mask. Even if I have to waste 50p to get him to call it. lol Call it mofo, it's not a sign of weakness. Never seen anyone banned or told to leave that I can recall. (Other sites I play will confront the perp in question when a complaint is made, this place did not hence I named it.)
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