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  2. See I’m with @Robert James on this. Kudos @Seth_Erebor for actually doing what you set out to do, but I think you’ve already damaged your reputation. You spent so long in a cloud of vague ideas that people generally lost interest and see you as a dreamer. Got to admit, I’m still in that camp, and even though I can see you are actually doing something, I think the damage is already done. Also so as soon as something goes wrong(in business it always does), the first thing that will happen is all that old BS will be dragged back up and the I told you so brigade will be out in force. Personally, I think you came out with your ideas too early, if you had started what you did about 6 weeks ago and then did this game day as you have, I think it would have boosted your rep. But because you spent months talking, what seemed like bollocks, people have either lost interest, or trust in what you say and do. And I think you’ll have your work cut out trying to get that back. Good luck with what every is in your pipeline, and I’ll possible try to give it a go, but I’m still wary of anything associated with you for now.
  3. The top one has the name of the shop in the top of the picture...
  4. Don't worry not trying to steal your site just has potential for the occasional private game if airsoft is allowed.
  5. They're these; http://shop.specwarfare.com/tmc-sf-qd-goggle-black
  6. Ooh, Ooh , I know who the middle one is ! do I win a prize ? 😁
  7. There’s are a few options on the table, really can’t say which way it will go. They are very friendly and accommodating. ☺️
  8. Thanks for the offer but I think contacting the site owners direct might be better for me. The line is who pays generally and unless you own the site or hire it 24/7 then I am sure the owners will be more interested in the cash than anything else. I mean are you looking at 2 to 3 games a weekend and all weeknights because if not and it is a multipurpose site then surely who and when is the owners choice.
  9. I just dont get this,why has he got two account to promote himself? whats in it for him? fame,fortune being recognised in public? I think I'm getting old (sorry couldnt find a "for fucks sakes" emoji)
  10. Time Left: 6 days and 23 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    I'm selling my 'Buzzsaw' which has only been skirmished five times this is a solid bit of kit that gets more attention than any M4 on the skirmish field and has the performance to match! (£1500 new) Open to reasonable offers. USPs: Probably the best airsoft replica of an MG42 due to the construction and functional parts Quick Spring Change gear box Heavy duty stamped steel receiver High quality stained real wood stock & grip Authentic weather resistant parkerized finish CNC machined aluminum custom gearbox w/ 10mm oil-less bushings (PM me for video of removal) Realistic field-break-down for quick barrel swap (PM me for video) Rugged steel barrel, barrel shroud, bipod, sights, and flash hider High quality stained real wood stock & grip Realistic charging handle and trigger with push button safety Reason for Sale: I was going to convert this into an MG3 but I just don't have the time nor do I skirmish as much as I would like anymore. Upgrades: A Lonex Balanced Motor has been installed as I accidentally broke the connector pin off the original motor. P&P: Ideally this would be a collection as the price would increase due to the size/weight of shipping it. I am based not far from 'The Gaol' in Rutland and can potentially bring this to a game day. GMG42 AEG G&G Specifications: Velocity: 330fps* (with 0.20g bb) Weight (approx.): 12kg Receiver: Steel Magazine: 1700 rnd Drum BB's: 6mm Hop Up: Yes, adjustable Battery connector: Deans Recommended battery: 7.4V LiPo


    Oakham - GB

  11. Happy to introduce you The site isn't quite ready yet and I can't guarantee there will be private games. I don't mean to sound rude and nothing is set in stone so far be it from me to say something is the case when it is isn't but exclusivity is a clause on us (the site and I) working together. Like I said, happy to introduce you or arrange a day for you but post-August might be different situation. Or it may not. I'm hardly going to put in a whole load of work for it not to pay itself off. Hope you can see where I'm coming from. It won't mean people can't play there outside of set days or that they'll be paying more. There is just a line between two operators on a site and private days.
  12. Today
  13. The one you've seen doesn't fit the G&G, but you can get a machinist to thread the G&G barrel, it shouldn't cost much.
  14. I had the AK74M ERG too, great rifle if a little creaky in comparison to the M4 variants only swapped it to get my GHK back. Best place in the UK for anything ERG related is J-TAC Custom, you can find them on Facebook.
  15. GBB's for this weekend. VFC MP5SD Tokyo Marui Mp7 VFC G19X
  16. After taking a break for 6 months the itch is coming back. Also my knee and foot have healed up and they have slowed me down the last couple of years so feel the need to blow off the cobwebs and really go for it. So looking for some venues to do private games so will obviously let you and some others on here know.
  17. I'd be happy with that. I don't think I've been out in about 4 months so I'm still waiting for Zed News 😛
  18. How about if I book the whole site and I run a private game. No Seth just me running it?
  19. Nah, I don't really like the way Seth is so wouldn't want to be near him too long.
  20. Small sites are more difficult than that as the layout will be learned quick and you can only move around so much. Most airsofters just want to shoot each other objectives generally come second.
  21. Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

    • Wanted
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    Aug folding foregrip wanted. pm me thanks.


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