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Ok here is a quick review on the Tokyo Mauri VSR 10 Pro Sniper... This gun is a beast! :P It is the most accurate of all the VSR series and I also would say the nicest to hold. G spec is nice too but imo this gun takes 1st place on construction...


Unlike the G spec this model is supplied without rails and without a silencer though to be honest it is so quiet i doubt you will ever need one. The standard FPS out the box with a .20 g is about 300 fps I think mine was 286 fps. The gun is consistant and the bolt pull is smooth. If you fail to pull the bolt correctly it will double load and a BB will roll out of the chamber down the barrel to the floor.


The hop up is great and stays locked and is adjustable via the front of the rifle. The mags are very nice and there is no fuss like you get with AEGs you just drop one round in after the other slam it into the mag well and cycle the bolt. The mag cap is 30 rounds and it feeds PERFECTLY.


Use .25s or .20s minimum I recomend .25 madbulls and black ICS .20s for those shots where you want stealth buy a spare mag too. Then load them both. One with white .25s and one with black .20s this will do a whole days skirmish easily.


Now that I am used to it the gun is easy to use and take apart. Upgrade potential is huge and you can force it up to 650 fps no trouble if you have the money. ^_^


Now for the construction...


The stock is plastic and takes well to Krylon flat paint. It doesnt scratch badly from what i have heard and there is very little flex or creaking. It is well made compared to a lot of guns i know of. e.g the TM Famas or M4. If you wish to add weight you can make your own stock or customise it by adding weights to the rear via the removable butpad or the fore end by undoing a few screws.


The barrel on the pro is I think a 6.04 and will be best with a 6.03 mm tightbore forget the 6.01s they are total and utter **** when compared to 6.03s. The outer barrel is solid and is made of a nice quality well finished aluminium with a flat black coat of paint.


The reciever, bolt, port, trigger guard and trigger are metal as are the internals. :) oh so is the outer barrel which is fluted and rather tasty looking :D




Now I was shot by mine at 25 metres and it left a welt using a .25 and the gun is also pretty accurate for a stock airsofter. To really work wonders you should up the internals you could use barrel spacers and give it its own paint job too. B)



-Laylax Spring one low power the other high for shooting friends with at around 600 fps and one for skirmish at 500 maybe one set up for 400 eg a 120M

-Laylax Prometheus 6.03 mm Tightbore 430 mm

-Laylax PSS10 Zero Trigger (includes Orange High Pressure Piston) Use an Orange piston not a red with the zero trigger or it will not fit.

-Laylax PSS10 Spring Guide

-Laylax PSS10 Teflon coated Cylinder

-Laylax PSS10 Air Seal Damper Cylinder Head


Overall the value for money is around 9/10 costing just £165-£170


My opinion and overall comments: Get this gun if you want to snipe. It is the best VSR 10 you can buy and is also a really reliable gun very accurate compared to the APS and can hold its ground despite being 300 fps out the box. This can be changed to 350 fps by spending £15 by putting a 120 M spring in without too much wear on sears ;)


Overall rating:

8/10 as stock


10/10 upgraded to 500 or so fps using a .30 with a decent scope




Can I just say also very good fun to play with when noone can see you using invisible ICS .20 ammo I took it into my first skirmish the other day and I caned a guy in the leg with it and he didnt have a clue where the shot was taken from he just raised his hands and then walked off... his friends promptly started looking for me as I fired my next shot into another players chest making the remaining man run to cover :ph34r:


In my 1st ever woodland game as a sniper I scored 6 kills and 3 deaths in one day using a stock VSR 10 Pro I think it is a great gun and nothing gives you the devilish feeling of control over the other players like watching them flinch through a scope :wub: A very satisfying gun that I recomend you buy. Sniping is great fun if you have the nuts to sneak behind the lines and get up a tree or crawl into a hedge.


Cheers for reading :D


vark :P

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thank you for this veryu helpful review

i hope to be investing in one soon.

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ok can anyone explain to me the differnce between the Pro and G-Spec??


Here you go;


Vsr 10 pro:


-longer barrel; 430mm iirc (can't remember exactly)

-standard bolt handle

-iron sights

-no 20mm rail for scope as standard iirc

-no suppressor



Vsr 10 g-spec:


-shorter barrel; 303mm

-has a built in moch suppressor

-no iron sights

-has 20mm rail for scope as standard

-has a better cocking handle that I find is easier to manipulate and doesn't come up so much (allowing you to use lower profile scope mounts)


A lot of people say the vsr 10 pro is more accurate but having fired both I can say they seemed identical to be honest...


You would have thought the pro would be more accurate but it wasn't ^^ - same consistency as the g-spec...


I went with the g-spec though - looks better - and is easier to work with due to the nicer bolt handle which also sits 'more flush' with the rifle.


Both have the same fps...


At the end of the day it's personal preference IMO



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Please check the dates before posting in year old threads ;)

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