Tm m4 Carbine Barrel to Tm M16a2 Receiver

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Hi im new on here and would like some help, iv got a Marui m4 carbine front end (barrel) and a Marui M16a2 receiver, so i need to know what the part is that locks the barrel into the body, i know il need a Delta Ring but the other part and where i can get it from.








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Thought my ears were burning. :P


What other barrel parts do you have or do you only have what is pictured?



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you will have to forgive the fact that i dont know the part names


here you see 5 pics:




the top one has a reciever assembly, 3 pins and a strap point.


1. what your interested in is the 2 large RINGS, these parts are what you need.


2. the 3rd pic shows side angle of the barrel, above the barrel running the length of it, is a small metal rod. you also need this!!


3. from the pics your gun looks like it takes this type of hand gaurd:




also in this item from fire support comes one of those RINGS!!! you only need the other one which im afraid is notoriously hard to find, here is a breakdown pic of the part, courtesy of fire support again




sorry i cant help anymore, i have no time to do any research, nutster will probs know where to get these things from. but if not i would speak to chris from REDWOLF, (just google redwolf, then eamil the UK site) he has literally warehouses full of parts m8



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Cheers anyway mate, you all been alot of help thanks.



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