Are Bulldog BB's any good?

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what makes them budget then? they're still good pellets, and considering i get 5000 for £7-, its 1000 bulldogs for £4.79 or 2000 for £7.19 (if they're in stock, that is), that doesnt sound like budget to me.


bulldogs are budget because they are cheap and compared to bbs from brands like excel or blaster etc.

I wouldn't risk using them in anything other then stuff from JBBG or the like as its worth paying extra.

I've learnt the hard way that being tight fisted in airsoft often backfires

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Ugh, JBBG makes me angry!! Also, on the King Arms M4 page, you need to downgrade the 300fps spring for UK sites? :blink: What? Just what?! Its times like these that i despair at humanity... :angry:

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