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l96 420 fps sniper and ca sr16 metal body

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Make:classic army

Gun/Model: sr16 metal body

Accessories: 2x high cap mags 7.4v lipo 4x acog



Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange:nox3

Price/Payment:£245 posted

Pictures:pm email address



here is my classic army sr16 this is metal body it is fitted with rail covers magpul front grip 4x acog sniper adjustable stock. the paint is a bit worn but still good only damage to the body is the bit below the triger it has bin repaired tho. now for the inside it has a madbull 6.03 barrel,madbul blue hop up rubber, lonex hop up unit all 3 1 month old, now the gearbox it has a classic army high torque motor,classic army gearbox shell,Ultimate Piston half metal teeth, g&p gears ,ultimate latch, Systema Area 1000 cylinder, uprated wiring and much more this has bin a good gun to me if u have any questions plz ask


Make: warrior


Accessories:1 mag and scope


FPS: 420fps

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange:nox3

Price/Payment:£160 posted

Pictures:pm me ur email



here is my warrior l96 comes with 1 mag and scope it has a hex hop up unit, firefly hop up rubber, prometheus aeg barrel, barrel spacers

other than that rest is stock any questions plz ask this gun runs best on madbull .36 bbs

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