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G&P M4 Commando - non-functioning (SOLD)

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Make: G&P

Gun/Model: M4 Commando

Accessories: Pictured

Condition: Body reasonable


Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No

Price/Payment: £70 PayPal


Hi everyone.


I am looking to offload my old airsoft kit, as it simply doesn't get used anymore and I want to get it out of the way and get some money back from it, I'm not looking to squeeze profit out of it, just a fair price to release some equity and get them out of the way.


I've been out of the scene for a while now, so my prices are based on what I've found searching other second hand adverts. And I will try to describe each item as best I can and be honest about any faults or bad points etc, thanks.


Here we have my G&P M4 Commando, which is broken.


I can't remember exactly what state it's in without tearing it down again, but the tappet plate is broken, the motor is out of it, there are screws and pins and clips and springs missing, the power cables need rewiring throughout if I remember correctly, the gearbox could be beyond repair, basically don't expect to get anything other than what you can see in the pictures, as I can't quite remember what state the rest of it is in.


The barrel and motor aren't fitted, I'll find these and add pictures.


I'm looking for £70 including delivery for this, as that seems to be a fair price just for the full metal receiver alone and the other body parts.


Feel free to ask any questions or request any pictures you might want of the item.







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