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RIS Compatability

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I have recently tried removing the paint from my src m16a3 plastic handguards, and I ended up sanding off all the texture on it till it's smooth where there should be bumps. They have been chucked. decided it was a good excuse to buy a 12" ris for it. Problem is not sure what system will fit. The gun has the Airsoft style delta rign, and i'm pretty sure this limits my range to non-freefloating ris handuards, is this true? Whwereas with a G&G or KWA style delta ring you can mount almost any handguard? I'm really in the dark here, will someone please tell me what is cmpatible and what isn't, as i am interested in a freefloating ris so i can remove the sight tower, as it is obstrustive and I will have a more stable platform to use. Alos it comes with a 3 peice barrel, will this limit the choice at all?

Thanks for reading


SRC Style Delta Ring


'Real' style delta ring

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