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DE M901C internals

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My current AEG is a Double Eagle M901C (<link), some of you more pro-airsofters may look down on me for that, but in my eyes it was pretty much the best for it's price.


I was just wondering if anyone knows or has any idea what the internals are like on this thing and if it would be possible to remove the stock easily and change it for an AK six-position stock or folding stock. I just want to know about the internals before I open it up and break it to discover a stock change/removal isn't possible.


I want to change the stock because this folding one is annoying to use and I also think it's 'folding performance' will degrade a lot after time, forcing me to remove it anyway.

Also it's pretty much visually similar to a CYMA AK Beta Spetsnaz, but I have no idea about it's internals

Help or advice if you please :)

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