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Hey there, it's been about a month since i was on here but it's been moving quite slowly airsoft wise.


I might be able to go to MAW this weekend. The 22nd.


However, i'm quite unsure of a few things.


1. It is 'clan wars' so it's fancy dress. Would it be okay as my first time going if it's fancy dress? Or go in a 'normal' walk on to get an idea, i just want to know your personal opinions about if it's generally good to go with fancy dress.


2. They don't give a time to be there, so would it be the same time as their others (9am-4pm).


3. As i'm under 18, i'd expect for my parents to have to sign me in, but would it be nessisary for my parents to stay with me or can it be a drop off and pick up?


Sorry if anyone thinks this is a bit late to be asking, lifes been a bit stressful recently and airsoft isn't the first thing on my mind. I'm in no great hurry to play and so if it's hard to attend this Sunday, i'll be waiting til February.



Also, on an unrelated note, the Lutterworth, Leicester game/site on 8th of Jan. Anyone know what it's like because it was the 'grand opening' on the 8th and if it's quite good, it'll hopefully be my 'local'.



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Im going and fancy dress is optional, it says if everyone could arrive before 9 am so you can get chrononed,you can sign your disclaimer if your 16 or over and they dont have to stay.ive not hewrd anything about the site in lutterworth but i will find out

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