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Hi all and thanks for any advice in advance.


I want to fit a madbul tightbore and replace the hopup bucking with a better one, my barrel is 397mm so im thinking of either a 450mm or the 509mm with a 110mm silencer to extend the barrel, this will make the inner barrel just short of the end of the silencer(if i fit the 509mm).


My gun when bought was around 400fps and had to have a spring reduction to make it less than 350, so im thinking it should be ok with a longer barrel, is this right?


If i fit the 450mm barrel with it ending half way into the silencer cause any problems?

And lastly do you recommend the madbul 60 degree rubber as a good upgrade with the barrel?


this one from china is for two rubbers and are £11


Would these be good or best avoided? or i see theres a 70 degree rubber, will that be better?


Any help appreciated

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Don't bother with a longer barrel, the difference isn't noticable, it won't add anything.

Madbull blue hop rubbers are good with their barrels.

It's worth looking at a madbull ultimate hop unit too, the 3 work extremely well when used together

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I thought i would put a longer one in so it ends near the tip of the silencer and all the barrels are the same price anyway so might as have a longer one?


Also my hopup unit is different from the usual, the top and bottom of the gun pivot on the front pin, so the hopup is like the one in the link,


is there a better or metal hopup for this type or can i easily change it for the madbul ultimate type.


Or do you advice to keep it as it is?

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