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Hey all,


I'm in the market for an SMG and i had been looking at a KSC MP9 but i heard a various amount of different stories and tbh i don't think i would keep up the maintenance it needs so there fore im open to the idea of a electric smg.


What can anyone recommend that is cheap and reliable?


I was thinking along the lines of a TM MP5K but i have open to suggestions from people that have used electric smg's.



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By SMG do you mean the smaller ones? PDWs? Like MP9s, MP7s, MP5Ks, Scorpions and that sort of thing, same kinda size?


I don't think they're really worth owning tbh. Electric PDWs seem to be pretty expensive, take the TM MP7 for example, that costs the same as the KWA GBB version and the FPS is worse than most pistols, you'd really be limited to CQB, they also don't have much room in them for batteries and stuff, so they often take stupid, tiny batteries that are a pain to buy separately.


The annoying thing is that the gas versions aren't really any better, they cost upwards of £200, magazines cost a bomb and they're usually too hot to use even for woodland.


I think you're probably best going with what you've picked out, the TM MP5K, I don't know much about it but it's got to be older than the MP7, so it'll cost less and being TM despite the low fps the range will still be alright.

The MP7 is around £250, I've seen Scorpions go for £150 with extras second hand so you could look for those.

There's also an MP5K made by Galaxy, but I've never heard of or seen any other gun they make so I'm not sure if it's worth buying or not...


Hope your decision turns out well for you.

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Try some P90`s i just sold one and alot of people will tell you the stock ROF and such made it a beast outside but indoor`s just as good

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The Galaxy MP5k is apparently good, their MP7 isn't as good though, you could try and find a Well R4 (MP7A1) and they are the best clone MP7 AEP i have seen, (feel free to correct me)


A JG Skorpian is pretty good from what i have heard :) I'll get back to you on Thursday (tomorrow), with more detail.




EDIT: As CraigW-H said, P90s good options as well! They are very comfortable i'll tell you that.

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I would've mentioned P90s but I thought they'd be too big considering he started off talking about MP9s.


If general SMGs will suit your needs, just get an MP5 or something, there's tons of options with them, they're like the M4 of the SMG world, highly modular, good range and accuracy and look awesome to boot.


I'd recommend the G&G Top Tech line, I have the MP5 A4, I have a review in the AEG Review section.

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Yeah, It wasn't really specified Ed so i made the assumption just like you, although the P90 sounded like a great idea!









They are the ones i can recommend off the top of my head :)

I personally have three 8.4volt batteries so the "larger battery space" doesn't bother me, although it would be handy. i am getting a JG MP5A5/M5-J and if you would like me to take a photo so you can see what they are like in size comparison to say, a Glock 17 or HK416.


Besides the full stock on the MP5A4 is as long as the barrel :P too out of proportion for my liking, maybe it could have been shorter (Is that what she did say? Or wasn't it?).

There are also the SD style MP5's, they are cool as well, but are even bigger and not worth it IMO. Take your pick of the MP5 you like I'll see if i can find an airsoft one (Provided it isn't A3 or something :P )

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