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ICS L85 hop up fix

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Thought of this last night and it works a treat so I thought I'd share


So, anyone with an ICS L85 that's taken it to pieces may have stumbled across the hop system, more than likely in fact.


Anyway, the mechanism involves the nub being pushed down by a plastic arm, this arm has a pivot in the middle and a spring at the opposite end to the nub and the spring is meant to insure that the arm is in constant contact with the nub. If you buy a new rubber like I've done however, you might find out of the box the rubber is quite a lot harder than the standard one and that the spring is the crappest spring ever and just doesn't push hard enough for the hop adjustment to actually work.


Now, there are two fixes for this, one is to find another spring, I've searched everywhere but I don't think there's another spring on this earth that's small and strong enough to fit the job.

The other, devised by me only last night, is to use an elastic band.


Instead of using a pushing force on the spring end of the hop arm, use a pulling force on the nub end, between the nub and the pivot pin.

Just wrap the band two or three times around the whole unit making sure it wraps over the hop arm ahead of the pivot pin.


Sometimes, if you need to have the hop on a lot, it might still fail to do the job well enough, but if that's the case, you ought to be able to see the elastic band by looking into the mag well once the gun's fully assembled. Just give that a tug with an allen key or something else hook shaped and the problem's solved.


You can all thank me later.

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