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Advertising, shops/websites, rules you should have read!

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I'm getting a little tired and fed up of seeing various shops coming to advertise on the forum without checking the rules.

Please refrain from posting about your all singing and dancing sales, or posting repetitively in hope of gaining more sales. It'll just get deleted so you're wasting time for the both of us.

A topic with a link to your website and a description about why players might wish to do business with you is absolutely no problem. Even better if you can come back to the forum and answer any questions that might be posted in your topic. Your own topic full of copy and pasted marketing spiel will get no replies (before it's deleted) and it won't look great on you.

As a forum with very little income, we can appreciate times may be tough at the moment, but we have to keep the rules the same for everyone, it is only fair.

Apologies for the grumpy message but thanks for reading :)

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