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my full collection of guns is for sale :)

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Because I dont have time to play anymore, all of this is for sale: -


ICS M4 - full metal body, painted in desert krylon. Has mad bull barrel upgraded and brand new ICS hop unit. £150


STAR M249 - Never gamed, has upgraded madbull spring but isnt hot. £200 - MAYBE SOLD


G&G M14 EBR - Never gamed, fully standard, has fired approx 300 bb's. Comes with ACOG red dot and green day laser. £400


Warrior L96 - Gamed once. green abs stock and has laylax 6.01 tightbore barrel, upgraded barrel spacers and metal hop up upgrade (has two grub screws for fine adjustment). £200 - MAYBE SOLD


Warrior L96 - 5ish game days used at. Painted in woodland krylon and has ghilli attached. Also has upgraded barrel spacers. £150


ICS MP5 - Busted. Has sliding stock. Needs a new motor and gearbox looking at. £20 SOLD


I live in South Yorkshire near Doncaster. Email me here if you need to contact me -


Link to photo's on my flickr account here: -


Photo's of the guns listed above.





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you don't happen to have a cheap pistol going do you?

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Warrior L96 for £150


I am new to airsoft and my friend recomended me to check out the forum for decent snipers and i love the L96 would you email me at to let ne know if its still available and possibly send me some more pictures

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