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I am the Jesus to the Gas gun using disciples.

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Is it as impossibly complicated, hard to understand and expensive as it all sounds?


'Cos I'd love a system that can do all that. I can't believe it was dead on 526fps for both shots, your SR25 is going to rape every other gun I've ever seen once you've got it all up and running 100% lol


What does the full rig look like? Can it all be hidden inside the gun or do you have to wear it all a rucksack or something?


If it's a simple and cheap, reliable alternative to the typical system used by AEGs then you might be on the brink of re-inventing airsoft, I'd definitely invest in a project like that if I had any money.


It'd mean guns would be waterproof too, assuming you've replaced the electric trigger mech for a mechanical one.

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