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I've got an M4 / M15 for sale. It's basically made from parts both new and secondhand, although it's running a new DBoys gearbox which has been detuned, as it was shooting 400fps plus out of the box.

It has a solid stock, 3300mAh 8.4V large battery (with Deans connector) and I can add one 450 round metal hi-cap mag and one 300 metal high cap mag, possibly two depending on price. As the receiver was scratched and badly painted in tan when I bought it, it's been re-sprayed black, brown & green in a very basic camo pattern on the receiver, barrel & front handguards. The stock is plain black as bought (new). Last time I chrono'd it it was doing around 350-360fps, but hasn't really been "run in" so will probably drop a bit with some rounds through it.

It's probably cost me about £150 in parts alone, just for the gun (excluding the battery, mags, charger), but rather than have it sitting doing nothing I'm happy to part with it comes with the standard carry handle rear sight. As well as the new DBoys gearbox, it's got a Madbull Black Python V2 6.03 inner barrel, a G&G plastic hop unit, the rear stock is DBoys, no idea what the outer barrel is, or the front hand guard

Only niggling problem is the gearbox is just a fraction tight fit in the receiver (I think it was a CA one), so that the safety switch can stick on when moving the lever from safe to semi, but a pull of the mag release catch (the false one, not the real one) is enough to release it to fire. Auto works fine from semi. i will include a battery charger too and as new 52 inch buffalo river gun bag, and a small hawke torch with presser switch and rail mount.

If you're interested, drop me a PM with your e-mail address's and I'll run up some photos.

I'd be looking for around £170 all in, including 24 hr postage.

the usual applies, ie ukara number/ site membership ect.

merry Christmas to one and all



offers invited :)

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