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Have a few bits of nam kit for sale all of which are from the time period


  • Nam webbing with belt, yoke, 2x mag pouches, Buttpack, M1 carbine double mag pouch, Water bottle and pouch and compass pouch
    This has been used but is in extreamly good condition
    I am looking for £95 for the lot!



  • US Fragmentation Armour
    There is an ink stain above the chest pocket and the plate lining has dropped at the back slightly, other than this its in good condition.



  • US OD BDU jacket Medium Reg 1970
    There are a few rips and tears from use but nothing to extream
    I have added 173rd Airborne and PFC patches (these are not origional!)
    The left hand chest pocket has waht appears to be MP in yellow faintly (This probably indicates the good condition for the age!)
    Looking for £50



  • Finally I have a US feild cargo pack in OD
    For correct use it requires the corrisponding backback from the era.
    It can be used by attatching it to a buttpack or as a backpack (but this is a little harder) or it can just be used to get more gear to your local site and still keep your look!!



welcome to offers!!!



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