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Grease, gun oil and tac vest

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Hi chaps,


I have the following for sale to complete the full sell-off of my airsoft gear.


99% complete cannister of Abbey Silicone Gun Oil (150ml)

95% complete pot of Systema gear grease

55% complete pot of Systema cylinder grease

  • All of the above is worth around £30 new, I want £15 posted for this, and no I wont split.


Black Webtex crossdraw tac-vest - one size fits all, from skinny to BIG

Skirmished once and in 100% perfect condition.

  • Currently retailing at £55 delivered new, I will let mine go for £42 delivered.

It's the same vest as this: crossdraw.jpg


Viper black tac belt - pretty much one size fits all.

Matches vest nicely

  • Usually reatails at £10, will sell this for £5 delivered.


All prices do NOT include paypal fee's, so send as a gift (if that's your bag) or pay 3% on top for fees.


Thanks in advance, and before you even think it, no offers - price you see is the price you pay.



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