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Ok lets start of with the wa2000 this is one of the best sniper guns that i have ever had i have had this for about 9 weeks now and had it been upgreaded withTn head Teflon tight bore barrel 6.04. Pss10 150 spring, Laylax spring guide, Fire fly hard hop rubber, Pdi 2nd sear, Laylax cylinder head.The reason for THis sale is because i have to get some money for X-Mas it shooting around 400fps but wow the range on this is really good,i still have the box for this gun the dummy mag to and the spair barrle that was in it at first it got 1 or 2 marks as it made from real wood and metal all round. Ergonomic grip design with innovative bipod system for super stable firing. Bolt action system with precision barrel. Fully hand-made and fit to high precision. 20mm scope rail allows installation of a targetting system. A real collector's piece.I still have the box for this gun if you are interested in this gun i will be looking for around ********£320 with out P&P******** as it been upgreaded that cost a bit thanks(SCOPE NOT WITH DEAL)



G36C great this is two tone but has been sprayed over with darker green not the best spray job.I think this was shooting around 310 fps with good rof.this was used for my CQB but cant do it no more so will be useing my other guns.I have had this over a year but not had every week end use,this will come with 3 mags grip/bipod red dot sight and charger also boxed its a great gun for them who need to grab some think cheap only problem is that one of the fire seletors have come of one the left side of the gun this is a SRC aeg. LOOKING FOR

*******£115 with P&P*******



And lastly the thompson this is a wonderful gun with the fake wood effect but do have to say people do say it looks really real it has a ful metal body.this gun is shooting around 340fps also it will come with 2 batterys and 2 mags 1 which is a hi cap and the other is a mid cap this has great range on it as well never had a prob with this gun the only prob is for the other team is that you have it they dont ;) The make of this gun is a cyber gun i will be looking for around ******£125 with P&P


if you buy 2 or more guns i will lower the price for ya X-Mas offer lol




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