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AEGs, Snipers and Pistols

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Since there's a chance something might come up on here that I want at any given time, I thought I might as well make the thread even though I have no money currently - if that's not allowed for whatever reason then by all means take it down, I just thought it'd be an easy way to keep track of what I want, 'cos I tend to see others things and forget what I wanted before...




AEGs - I'm looking for M4s and M16s by ICS, G&P, G&G or KWA. Standard A1 M4s or standard length RIS/RAS models only, I hate all the stubby/CQB type stuff, A3 or A4 model M16s.

I'm also looking for an regular L85, not the carbine short version or the LSW - by ICS.

I don't want the Ares, G&G or Army Armament L85s.


Pistols - currently I'm dying for a TM 5-7, also interested in Glock 17s, Beretta M9s and M1911 variants, especially MEUs. All full metal and with proper trades, so KSC ideally.


Snipers - Any well known, top quality upgradable springers and once it's actually available, the Ares .338 will by at the top of this list.

Models I'm after could really be anything but largely I'd want something similar to an M24/R700 - I'll take VSRs too, or L96 variants.


Since I don't use the guns wanted forum that often, commenting on this thread may well at some point lead to one of those "Topic closed due to age" type scenarios lol, so if you have something that might interest me, PM me instead. That way I'll get an email about it and you'll actually get a reply.



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