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L85A2 + M4

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Reason for these sales: I have moved into the GBBR world and I must say it rocks, Im keeping 1 AEG for those realy cold days but the rest must go. I am open to offers on the bellow items but do not wish to split anything.


Make: G&G, AA, B&T

Gun/Model: L85A2

Accessories: RIS top rail adapter, RIS front end, 1 low cap + 2 mid caps

Condition: A few marks

FPS: 320

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/Y?Y

Price/Payment: £200 + p&p

Pictures: Attached bellow


As mentioned above it is in need of a little TLC. The problem I have tried to diagnose before putting up for sale but cant seem to work it out. All the internals are in perfect working order as are the externals. But when you put the mech box into the body it throws a hissy fit and wont cycle at all.


The rifle its self has a AA body as it had to be modified slightly to get the RIS on the front as did the RIS itself though this is not noticeable. All the guts are G&G and has the re-enforce parts inside from G&G. The top rail is the STAR top rail adapter and the RIS is made by B&T. There is no battery provided with this rifle, but can provide a king arms DBAL PEQ with 8.4 if required.


Make: Unknown

Gun/Model: M4

Accessories: M4 standard front end, SPR front end, 14 + 16 inch outter barrels, 3 lengths of inner, G&P club foot stock, 9.6 2200 nun chuck battery, rear wired with what looks to be a mossfet, 1 low cap + 3 mid caps

Condition: Used

FPS: Unknown

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/Y/Y

Price/Payment: 100 + p&p

Pictures: Attached bellow


I honestly don't know the problem with this was brought as a project that never got started. The body is metal and has no trades.


Also have a pro peak smart charger I am willing to add to one of the above sales for +10


Any questions please PM me as I wont check this thread that often. Do apologise about the pic quality my camera is at work will take better ones on request.











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