KA M7A1, G&P Sentry, JG S-System, KA CASV, G18C, G23F, chrono

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Folks, I am hoping someone is able to benefit from this request and is looking to sell just what I'm after. If not it was worth a go..! :)


I know I am being quite specific here. The reason for this is that I am wondering if I can get kitted out using some 2nd hand kit before I order my first AEG and GBB pistol new.


Please do not offer me something different or not following the comments below, cheers.


General comments:


I am applying for my site membership on the 7th Feb 2010. I will be able to demonstrate registration to my local skirmish site and give you their details if needed before any sale.


I am 33 and have cash. I will expect to be able to see the kit and speak to the person selling it before money changes hands, hence the 'local to Fareham' bit in the title. I can come to you if needed.


If the stuff you are selling is duff, needs fixing or is not complete please do not contact me. I am prepared to pay a fair price if the kit is genuine and in good condition. Be honest with yourself and me please.


I am not worried about extras, slings, red dot's etc. and would prefer them as standard (and new) as possible. My site limit is 350fps so no M150 upgrades please! (although some extra midcaps would be nice!)


On my current list of the AEG I would buy:


King Arms M7A1

G&P Sentry

King Arms Vltor CASV M4A1 or CQB

King Arms VLTOR M4 VIS Carbine

JG S-System - must be 2010 model - This is a back up for skirmish day


I also want a side arm, either:



preferably metal slide and olive drab handle versions.



I would also like a chrono as I intend to mod the guns.



Cheers for looking, PM me if you can help.


Is my new weaponry out there somewhere looking for a new home?!

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