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Liam Porter

A&K M4, front wired AEG (SOLD)

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SOLD - awaiting payment (25th Nov)




I have an A&K M4 CQB-R (this one) but as the wires were getting ruined by the adjustable stock, it's re-wired to the front (large Tamiya) and I have replaced the RIS handguards with standard ones capable of holding an 8.4v large Tamiya battery.


There is also a problem with the gearbox locking in mid-fire. It seems pretty random as it has locked seconds after putting it back together, but manages to last a whole day airsofting. When it locks, if I take the battery out and use a different one, it will work fine. Then if it locks again, I put the old battery back in and it works fine again.

I'm useless when it comes to gearboxes and I don't fancy paying someone to look at it for me, so this is the main reason I'm selling.


I have also replaced the nub in the hop unit with a MadBull X-type one because I managed to lose the stock one. It works well and gives better consistency than before.


Other than above, the gun is completely stock, has a 285mm inner barrel, metal hop unit, the stock gearbox and comes with a 300 round hi-cap magazine. I got it as Christmas present last year, so is almost a year old but has been cleaned regularly.


The gun has a metal body, barrel and sights, the stock, handguard and pistol grip are good quality plastic, none of that cheap shiny crap.

The magazine and end of the barrel near the sight are pretty scratched but it can be solved quite easily by a nice can of spray paint :).


Here's a quick run down following the template provided;

Make: A&K

Gun/Model: M4 CQB-R (RIS Replaced)

Accessories: 1x 300round metal hicap magazine, original box and documentation, I can also include a small Tamiya charger.

Condition: Externally good, used. Internally, gearbox locks - probably an easy fix for someone who knows what they're doing.

FPS: 260 last chrono, but hop was broken and stuck on maximum - not sure on the problem, but the spring or piston o-ring will probably need replacing. It was 336 FPS new, XSite lowered it from 542 FPS before sending out to me.

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No

Price/Payment: Offer away, worst I can do is say no.

Pictures: Attachments at the bottom.


Any more questions, queries or more pictures just ask.



Thanks for reading,







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