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Liam Porter

How much could I get for this?

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I wasn't too sure where to put this as I'm not selling, just curious as to what people would pay. I put it here as it's pretty general and mods feel free to move it to wherever it's more at home :). Thanks.


I'm just wondering how much I could get if I sold the following list of items;

- A&K M4 CQB-R RIS (here) completely stock,

In used condition, pretty scratched in some places, especially the magazine (300rd hi-cap) and RIS.

- MadBull Red Hop Rubber and MadBull 6.03x363mm Tight Bore Barrel,

New, had under 100 BBs through it.

- G&P 8mm upgraded Ver.2 gearbox (here),

Few days old, had a few problems getting it in the gun though. During this, selector plate has been broken but replaced with the one from A&K stock gearbox. Also, the wires inside have been damaged by the motor, but is a simple fix and will give a length of wire to replace. Gearbox comes with new trigger guard, mag release, fire selector, charging handle and fuse housing (no fuse though - came with 30A 250V fuse as stock).

- G&P M120 Motor - brand new, barely used and comes with 8 spare new connectors, screw sets, etc.

- Classic Army LE Stock

- Classic Army Standard M4 Handguards

- Classic Army Metal M4/M16 Carry Handle

- Classic Army M4 front sling mount (side mounted and goes on the barrel under the sight)

- Stock two point rifle sling


Short list;

2 gearboxes, 2 motors, 2 barrels, 2 stocks, 2 handgaurds, 2 rear sights, 1 receiver (some multiple parts), 1 front end (sight, barrel, delta rings etc.), 1 mag.



Just curious as to how much I'd get for all this, as it's cost me ~£400 and wondering how much values decrease.

I'm not actually selling it, just getting a rough price estimate.


Thanks a lot.

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