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Just remember that the UV-5R is too high in power to legally transmit on PMR446 channels. The lowest it goes is twice the allowed limit and it has a detachable antenna (also not allowed for PMR446 handsets). By default it transmits at 10x the allowed power (5W instead of 500mW) so be sure to - at a minimum - turn it down to low power (1W).


Not that you'd ever get caught, but ya know if enough people start doing it...


Also bear in mind that if your site has a license that you can transmit on their business/site frequencies with permission. You can then safely utilise higher power bands too. If you're in a team then a license is only £75 for 5 years between all of you, so that's worth considering as well.


I mentioned no such channel or lack of a license, ;)

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First delivery I've actually had arrive in this year containing more than 1 thing.

  • Mil-Spec Monkey Raw Hoodie
  • Crye G3 Combat shirt
  • BCM Gunfighter stocks (Standard and SOPMOD) + KeyMod cover panels
  • G-Code Safariland RTi adapters
  • ITS Tac swag (not pictured: loads more patches)
  • Centurion C4 10" Pic rail
  • G-Code chest rig bags and RTi belt mount

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Masada crapped it's gearbox (sector gear and piston munched themselves) so, in light of that, the only thing remaining stock will be the shell, and only until the T.L. Shell is available again.

SHS 13.1 Gearset

Lonex Red Piston

Lonex POM Piston Head

Lonex AUG Cylinder Head (it works better as a replacement than an AK one o0 )

Prometheus Stainless Cylinder for 301-400mm

Prometheus EG 318mm 6.03mm Inner Barrel for PTS Masada 11.5"

AirsoftPro PTS Masada aluminium nozzle

SHS CNC Hop Chamber for PTS Masada

WiiTech Bearing Spring Guide

70D Sorbo Pad


Also just bought a new gun and bits for that - 

CYMA Magpul Zhukov AK74

Lonex Titan A2

ASCU Gen3+ for V3


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Just something simple this time, a 'Minidiva 551', basically a knock-off Eotech. £30 or so from Amazon and it feels nice and weighty, nice clear sight. But it uses some f*cking bizarre tiny button cells. LR44 cells

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