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Hi all,


I've thought about doing this for a while but now its here.


Okay so this is a competition of film or game based loadouts or guns




-One photo per gun and two per loadout


-You can have just a gun or just loadout or both they can be from different films/games or the same


-Please state which character or film/game (if possible) and if you can include one picture

example - Col. Killgore - Apocalypse Now


-Competition will close on 24:00 21st of Novemeber and will start a thread where voting may commence


-You may enter more then once with different film/game characters


-Please no disscussion, just pics and info


-Please post all in here to enter the comp




-The winner will get forum wide bragging rights and also the right to put it in their signature

-Its really meant to be a bit of fun so lets keep it that way

-As its film/game comp. a may thrown in a poster from Intel. (had a few drafts and they're looking sweet!)


So good luck to you all!



EDIT: BTW you do not need the gun to match the clothing or visa versa

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