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SR-25 crane stock questions

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Bonjourno ppl, im having a bit of bother with my sr-25 crane stock, recently purchased and received a day later i was eager to get it on and get rid of that horrible solid stock.


Now what i wanted to do is have the rear wires that go to my battery run through the buffer tube into the crane stock and power from the battery but there seems no possible way to get the wires to fit into the buffer tube, there is no gaps or anything? would i have to drill holes or is there a suitable buffer tube tube out the to accommodate this?


Secondly, the screw that runs through the buffer tube and into the gearbox that screws onto the spring guide isn't long enough to reach the whole way, again is there a longer screw on the market that i cant find? or will i have to cut a piece off the lower receiver end so the screw will reach?


Heres some picture to help try explain this...


This one shows the wires that i would like to have placed inside the buffer tube.



And this one shows how there is no room inside the buffer tube to accommodate any wire, when put onto the lower receiver there's no space at all.



thanks guys


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