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maw aka modern airsoft warfare is a site based near Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire. This site is one of the best sites around at the moment,its set in a old naval base,it has terrain for all types of players. for cqb players their is the village which consists of 10 or so building from pillar boxes to the old military prison.for snipers who will find the hill a excellent sniping spot and so does the rest of the site (as i found out today 16 snipers and 9 aeg players on my team alone)

The whole site is around 55 acres in total.


The price for this site is £15 if you book in advance or £20.the shop sells drinks,snacks,pyros and bbs and electricity for charging your batterys,on some days the grange shop also comes down with lots of stock to sell.if you want a certain item bringing to maw on a game day.


The only con at the moment is that they dont do hire guns yet.


If you want more info please go to or search modern airsoft warfare into a search engine. Thanks Josh

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