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G & P M4 CQB

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Gun/Model: G & P M4 CQB

Accessories: See Below

Condition: Good

FPS: 300-315

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/Yes/No

Price/Payment:Looking for £300.00 or offers in region of.

Pictures: see below


G & P M4 CQB


Started life as a standard G & P M4 CQB (RIS'd front end and supressor) thats now been replaced with a Hurricane HK M4 Front End and an Element M4 Flash Hider.


Skull & Cross Bones marked body/ Safe-Single-SHTF


Its been my primary for 5 years , as such it shows signs of use and wear, but has always been looked after by me.


Currently fitted with an ACM Magpul FDE UBR stock - running stock tube lipo batts.


Magpul PTS FDE pistol grip and Tan rail covers.


G & P red Dot sight in a low rise mount


Fitted a KN tightbore barrel and a CA HOP Unit.


Standard G & P gearbox - currently running at about 300 - 310 FPS as at the last chrono (F & O Anzio, April 2011)


One of the bolt heads on the gearbox has sheared off, but hasn't affected anything.


G & P 120 motor gives it a respectable rate of fire - handles Lipo batts with ease.


Its got a Magpul AFG in black and an ACM LED torch/pressure pad fitted.


6 x MAG Midcaps in black - all HK 5.56mm marked

1 x ACM Pmag Hicap - shows cosmetic damage (small hole in lower casing - has no effect on use )

1 x Magpul Pmag mid-cap - shows signs of useage. Previous owner has filed/sanded down the top three ribs to allow a better fit in the magwell - not noticeable once mag has been inserted.


3 x 7.4 Lipo Batts (1 x 800 Mah, 2 x 1100 Mah) all have been carefully charged and balanced.


Got a hardcase to go along with it, interior is lined with eggshell foam - bit battered externally, but thats all.


Price doesnt include P & P - will have to work out the cost of that - i use PF48.


Swaps wise - i'm after a G36 with mags (no ACM thanks) or a folding stock full length AK variant & Mags

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Hard case no longer available (as the wife decided to chuck it, bless her..... :( )


£290.00 of any interest to anyone ?


£280.00 - price now lncludes P & P


Decided to keep it - can't be parted from her after all




Can some kind Mod close this please ?



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