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Night Vision Goggles (ATN Night Cougar)

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Yes the real deal, not like the toy you get with CoD, these goggles are real ATN corp. Ordered from the USA. Could be used on trips, expeditions, camping, rescue and all sorts. oh and for shooting people.


Im thinking of selling my ATN Night Cougar Night Vision Goggles (with head gear and protective case). They are in Great condition and I will also throw in my IR illuminator (with 20mm rail attch)I got separately.


1xATN Night Cougar Night Vision GEN1 (built in IR)

1xHead Gear

1xRC123A Battery

1xIR illuminator


If you heard about the craze with the new call of duty game that come with NVG's might spark your attention, my NVG's are no toy, they are fantastic for the price, Duel scope generation 1 Night Vision Goggles. You can read a book in utter darkness, or drive in back country with ease were there are no street lamps. Or just pretend you are sam fisher from splinter cell! But they come in handy if you play night games. Especially using a laser dot for extra stealth, and IR on the rail of your gun looks way cool too.


Check out the sites for more detailed spec infomation:





I got these goggles from the USA from for $500 +£40 delivery + $70 import tax. They still sell the same ones today!


I would like £400. But we might be able to sort something out...

You can contact me by email :


Or Youtube channel:



(my airsoft video):



Or message me on this, but it will be faster by email :>




ps to :Devastator (admin) im very sorry about that pic, forgive my impatience. I have lots of pics but couldnt figure out how to upload them, my bad dude.

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