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Make: ca

Gun/Model: HK33E

Accessories: 4 midcaps, 5 highcaps and batts

Condition: good

FPS: averages around the 335 mark

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no/yes/yes







ok i have a ca33e here that i'm looking to move on as its just a bit too big for me. the gun itself is great and works flawlessly with usual skirmish marks on the gun but otherwise good and comes with 4 new mid caps and 5 high caps though to of which are missing the covers for the bb insertion though little bit of tape works fine. as for what i'm looking for a tm mp7 is top of my list at the moment though a china soft one would do providing its in good condition and a little something extra from your end as well, though this being said i may be tempted by other guns as well.

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bump and no longer looking for mp7 so any offers welcome though no mp5's please

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