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Hi there guys and gals!


I've got my TM M1911 up for sale here! It's in very good condition with only a few skirmishing marks on it! Nothing major. Fires perfectly however, with a very crisp cycle that'll bring a smile to your face every shot! Is very accurate and the range is excellent. The magazine is gas tight and works perfectly, surprisingly you'll get about a mag and a half out of one reservoir! It is also a double stack magazine so none of the single stack 15 round hassle!


Its a shame to see it go but unfortunately i'm a bit pushed for cash right now so needs must :(


I'm looking for just £120 for the whole package including postage. This is a bargain for such a great pistol, but make me an offer, worst I can say is no. Unfortunately I shot the original box to peices when I got it thinking I would never sell it on, but it will be sent well packaged and recorded delivery.


Send me a PM and I will get back to you ASAP. For a faster response drop me an email at and I'll get back to you right away as it'll go to my phone!





Edit: I realise some of you may be hesitant to deal with me as i'm relatively unknown on here, however, those of you that are on Zeroin will know me. I had 100% positive feedback and was a known seller. As zeroin is down at the moment I have moved onto here and other forums!

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