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Two guns

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Both aren't for me, one for my friend and the other for me and the other for me and two of my friends.

First off is this M4, I am under 18 so cannot get a RIF.

I was looking at maybe getting an aimpoint (clone) for mine, as I am going support and then a Grip-pod.

The other two were going for the mid-range option with maybe a red-dot sight/CQB sight.

My other friend was getting a MP5. It is the same make, and also two-tone.

He is getting this because my other friend also has an MP5 and they wanted the possibility of being able to trade mags. I am not sure if this is possible as the other one has a Galaxy MP5 PDW.


If anyone has any bad experiences with either of these guns could they say so, and also any good experiences. Thank you.

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