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Gun/Model: m249 mk2

Accessories: none

Condition: reasonably good

FPS: unsure

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: n/y/n

Price: £160 plus p&p (it's heavy!)


I have reluctantly decided to sell on my m249. Its been a very good gun, I just don't seem to have the time to use her anymore!


The condition overall is quite good. Externally, the only issue I can see is the bipod is a little loose when stowed away. If you shake the gun, they will pop out. Also, on the legs, the metal is a bit bent, but the bipod stays deploye perfectly well. I have added a small rail to the feed cover, it just needs an additional screw to keep it in place(I should be able to find one!)


Internally, the gun is also pretty good. I have done the hop mod so it actually has a working hop unit. I also recently put a new oring on the piston to improve compression. Finally, I have replaced the microswitch in the gearbox for a brand new one.


I can provide a broken drum mag with the gun. All te electronics were fried so I remove them and replaced it with a simple push switch. Then that stopped working so I started using an extra long m4 hicap as my drum!


Swapwise, I'm looking for a bolt action rifle. A winchester would be the dream, but another sniper rifle would be acceptable. Shoot me any offers via pm and I will get back to you asap.




Cheers for looking!

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are you only after a bolt action? ive got a mg and a smg up for swaps

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Would you be interested in an L96 and if not then maybe I can put a bit of cash towards it too?

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