AK 47 CYMA and load out (SOLD)

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Hey well I haven't been able to get to a site for to long and i cant aford the hobby so my lovely CYMA AK is sat gathering dust. i thought she might want a new home.


Make: CYMA

Gun/Model: AK 47 Wooden Grip and Stock, All else metal


  • 6 Hi Cap 600 rnd mags: 4 in full working order, one damaged magazine clip easily repairable and one with repaired magazine clip
  • Charger
  • 8.4V 4300mAh Battery
  • Double Magazine Clamp
  • 1800 rds

Condition: Loved and in full working order with working hop up and full mechanism, was a two tone with green metal portions but resprayed black with camouflage tape. Wooden sections in perfect condition.

FPS: 350

Price/Payment: Paypal: Negotiable 150 Plus Postage


  • Also available for low prices and will negotiate for a Job lot
  • PLCE Webbing Set with 4 ammo pouches and two utility pouches.
  • One set of orange tinged ski goggles
  • One Set of Clear googles
  • Various camouflage kit, modern British military issue.
  • African Sling
  • Three Point Sling




Request info if interested and more pictures.



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I'll offer £110 for the AK (with extras, not interested in the other stuff) plus posting of £10 so £120 all in. I know its a low offer but I'd need to spend quite a bit of time striping down your "decals" I quite like them as it happens, but they're not suitable for me... I can transfer the cash (I'd prefer bank xfer, but could do pay pal at a push) now, funds are sitting here ready to go.


If not, good luck with the sale (if you don't ask, you don't get!)

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