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Gun/Model: mk14 proto kit in sand

Accessories: 10 midcaps holographic sight m14 sling 1300battery

Condition: like new

FPS: 345 everytime!

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no yes yes

Price/Payment:£450 im open to offers

Pictures: yes


here we have my upgraded tm m14 to a mk14 proto kit wiv 11 midcaps and a holographic sight the stock its self is a g&p proto body kit and the inner body is a upgraded tm m14 wiv betta bushes and a upgraded m120 motor.


the range on this thing is amazing great out ranging most aegs and sum snipers she works betta wiv .25g can hit a target up to 75meters!


the reason im sellin my m14 cuz i want a gas m14 or a gas ebr sniper but im open to offers on cash and on swaps so hava a look at the pics and let me no what u think thanx for looking :P






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How much with only 4 mid caps and no dot sight?

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