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make: ICS

mosel:m4 SPECS OPS

condition:in very good condition

accessories:8.4 v 1600 mah crane stock battery,1 mid cap mag,specs ops silencer (new),vertical grip(new),m4 metal rear sight(new),m4 front sight(new),crane stock(new),RIS rail cover(new),specs ops metal handguard(new),


split/swap/part exchange:nox3

price:280.00 postage and paypal




mosfet fitted

blue alloy inner barrel

g&p hop rubber

ICS 3000 high torque motor-this is his original motor

newly reshame



specs ups metal hand guard(new)

specs ops silencer(new)

specs ops outer barrel(new)

specs ops front sight(new)

m4 rear sight(new)

m4 specs ops crane stock(new)

vertical rip(new)


hi heres my ICS m4 SPECIAL OPERATION newl ly been reshame and re grease,in very good condition,this has had a split gearbox very easy to maintaine,mosfet fitted,blue alloy inner barrel,new hop rubber, this all give this gun a very good range of fire and a high rate of fire specially when you use a 9.6v battery,was been upgraded to SPECIAL OPERATION MODEL with all brand new kit this things give my gun very fantastic looks,its really sad to go but i needed a money thats the reason of selling my lovely me for very quick response........thanks for looking



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Bump...price lower down again to 250.00 this is the lowest that I can go.the whole thing cost me

Around 450.00 plus,this is very cheap now with an ICS gun with to many new parts added with some upgrades,grab a bargain now or I will accept swap

With m249 G&p or CA full metal,I will accept m249 even a broken gearbox aslong outside still in very good condition.

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