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Platoon Skirmish Airsoft

New Airsoft site Dursley, Gloucestershire

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Hey guys,


Thought I'd put our new airsoft org on here. We are Platoon Skirmish Airsoft - find us on facebook -


Run by ex. forces fully trained soldiers (who are also airsofters) we offer the full 'milsim' including 432 armoured personnel carriers, land rovers and Bedford trucks as well as offering the classic skirmishing. We operate over 6 local sites; from open ground for armoured vehicles through to abandoned buildings for FIBUA. We transport airsofters between these sites in military vehicles.


Walk on is £20 per day and includes; a Breakfast roll, Tea and Coffee All Day, transport to/from various sites and protective equipment where required.


Weapon hire is available - including WE 9mm Browning (gas), WE L85s/SA80 (Gas) and ARES L86s/LSW these are supplied with free gas (where appropriate) and 1k of ammo.


Snacks and soft drinks are available for purchase, free parking is available, we also have a first aider and fully qualified CRB checked Child welfare instructor.


We have general public events on the last weekend of every month. In addition, we are able to offer private events for stag/hen/general parties or corporate days - whereby we also offer vehicle driving and survival training.


Please get in touch! You'll be made welcome.





07771 642921

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