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I know this is an airsoft forum, but I'm sure someone can help me with my PC too :)


Anyway, I have a custom built PC, and while building, I made a couple mistakes, both of which should have completely blown everything - somehow they didn't.


Everything was running fine, until we got the new BTHomeHub 3 (upgraded from 2). Now I'm having major problems.

I try to connect using an Ethernet cable, but it cannot identify network, and I only get LAN access - no internet.

I have a very old USB dongle connecting me to the internet, it worked fine with BTHub 2. With BTHub 3, it seems to think the settings change all the time, so I get the signal bars, with a red cross through them (Windows 7), but I still stay connected fine.

Also, randomly, I'll get limited connectivity, and the only way to get connection back is to: unplug the USB dongle, turn off my PC, restart the router, turn on my PC and then plug the USB back in.


I think it may be a problem with the motherboard itself, rather than the USB Dongle, simply because the Ethernet cable doesn't work.

I'm going to get a new USB Dongle anyway, but if it's the NIC on the motherboard, could I solve the problem by simply getting a separate network card, or will I need a new motherboard?


I also just did an Internet Speed Test - 0.7MB download, 0.3MB upload - supposed to be getting 7MB download.







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Did you install the BT software? If so my money is on that it's F***ing useless, If not and you still have the old hub and it's working probably it may just be the settings on the hub or pc something is on auto that needs to be set manually


Happen all the time with new BT hub there are 100s of forums and sits to help I had to do it about 3 years back


If all that fails you can call BT tec most of them are think as s*** but this happens so offen they know the fix off by heart


If you have not tried that give it a go, If you have it could be hardware and you will need a new card


Heres is a test for you


Go to the Start button search bar type "cmd" run it, A balck window will pop up type "ping" if it works you do have the internet and it is software




Hope some of that helps


PS I dont know how big a tec head you are so I keeped it simple sorry if you know all this, if you do then you know why its best to keep it simple :P

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My ping's pretty good, I nearly always get 35 on whatever game I play, extremely rarely lag.


I'll get a new USB Dongle and see if it solves the random losing connection, if not, then I'll ask my mate's uncle. He knows a lot about computers.



Thanks for help :)

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Do you have the right drivers installed for the ethernet? Likely since you had it working before.


Hard reset the HomeHub, uninstall any crap you got on a CD with it.


Access the routers setting by going to it's IP, find it here and enter the settings manually. The user and password will likely be "admin" "password" or "admin" "admin" - you might know hopefully.


Once its saved then plug back in and boot up your PC. Flush your DNS: and see where your at.


If that doesn't work it isn't necessarily a problem your end.

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